Collective Unveils 'Good To Grow' Online Campaign for UK Launch of Honda Insight

London, United Kingdom, 03/25/2009 - Honda’s digital creative agency Collective, today unveils its environmentally aware ‘Good to Grow’ online campaign, designed to support the UK release of the new Honda Insight car.

The gardening themed campaign, which launches on 2 April, forms the most innovative part of the Insight’s launch campaign and highlights the Eco Driver Assist system of the new Honda Insight – a dashboard display featuring five ‘plants’ that grow the more efficiently you drive.

The online campaign will invite participants to look after five real plants from bulb to full bloom. A live greenhouse webcam will keep entrants updated on how their plants are developing, and the person with the first five plants to bloom fully (as determined by an independent botanist) will win a £10,000 prize to split equally between a ‘good’, environmentally-friendly holiday and a registered charity of their choice.

Players will also be encouraged to complete daily challenges and vote on which plant will receive a special ‘weekly tending’.

Every player will receive a unique combination of five plants allocated from a ‘pool’ of 24 plants, all of which represent a Honda environmental achievement – from the ecologically friendly CVCC engine developed in 1971 to the zero emission FCX Clarity, the world's first production fuel cell vehicle.

The campaign creative will be hosted within Honda’s new full-scale digital platform - also developed by Collective – surrounding the campaign with product information on the new Insight for those who want quick information on the car. Interested users can also easily sign up on the website to test drive the vehicle.

Greg Doone, managing director of Collective, comments: “We were keen to design a campaign that would tell the Insight story in an engaging way, within the context of Honda’s other ground-breaking environmental achievements. The Honda Eco Driver Assist system along with its iconic dashboard display gave us a perfect campaign theme, enabling us to develop a competition based on the actual growing and flowering of plants that we hope will keep users coming back.”

Jonny Freeman, digital marketing manager of Honda UK, adds: “Good to grow is a fantastically optimistic way of having some fun whilst promoting the environmental benefits of the new Insight. We’re hoping people will log on and nurture the plants and maybe even take a test a drive of the new car.”

The new Honda Insight is the world’s most affordable hybrid. It produces only 101g/km of CO2 and its innovative Eco Driver Assist system actually rewards people for good driving.

About Collective
Collective is a London-based digital creative agency that creates remarkable websites and brand-driven campaigns. Renowned for its collaborative approach and innovative use of rich media, Collective’s current clients include Honda UK, Honda Motor Europe, Callaway Golf, Snickers, Doritos, learndirect, Sega and EA Games.

Formed in 2003, Collective’s team is currently 40 strong.

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