Ford to Unveil TriFuel Capable Mondeo

Ford has announced plans to introduce a new tri-fuel version of the Mondeo at this month's Leipzig Motor Show in Germany. Available in sedan, hatchback, and wagon form, the new Mondeo is capable of running on gasoline, bio-ethanol, and LPG.

Under the hood resides a tweaked version of Ford's 2.0-liter Duratec engine that receives fuel from two independent gas tanks, one for petrol and bio-ethanol while the other is reserved for LPG. When running on gasoline or bio-ethanol, the engine has an output of 145hp compared to 141hp when the driver decides to use LPG instead.

Thanks to the use of LPG, the sedan and hatchback can travel up to 460 km (286 miles) while the wagon has an estimated range of 380 km (236 miles). However should a driver decided to forgo the use LPG for more traditional petrol or bio-ethanol, they can expect a range of about 850 km (529 miles) in all three versions. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the twin tank system is the fact that when both tanks are filled with their respective fuels, a driver can travel over an astounding 1,200 km (746 miles).

The new tri-fuel Mondeo will go on sale in select European markets starting in April, with German pricing starting at €27,500.

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