Hyundai BLUE-WILL hybrid concept to be unveiled in Seoul

For its home-turf Seoul Motor Show, Hyundai will unveil a new hybrid concept called BLUE-WILL. The car features lithium-Ion batteries paired up with a 1.6-litre direct-injection petrol engine - oh, and some "dye-sensitized solar cells" in the panoramic roof that send a little more power to the batteries - in a parallel hybrid set up. The concept also throws in a 100kw electric motor to move the wheels. The eco-headline-generating machine even features headlamp bezels made from recycled drink bottles and bioplastics on the interior and in the engine cover. Both the fuel tank and the li-ion battery pack are stored under the rear seat. While the press release doesn't mention it, we've seen reports that this is a plug-in concept, which makes sense. We'll learn more when the BLUE-WILL is unveiled April 2.

Hyundai has said that that it's first production hybrid will have a "distinctive look." That vehicle will be the Elantra LPI Hybrid, which is scheduled to go on sale this summer, but the BLUE-WILL certainly has unusual styling, with the lines on the sides that cross on the front door and that giant grin in front.

Amit Thakur

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