Mercedes advocates three types of power

Mercedes introduces a concept that can integrate all three systems more sustainable use of electricity in a car. Electric lithium-ion batteries, electric autonomy extended by a small gasoline engine and, of course, hydrogen fuel cell. It is a perfect way to be able to address the future without having to choose one way or another.

BlueZero under the name of the German brand introduces a concept very close to reality and their production. A vehicle with sandwich-type structure as the one developed for the Mercedes A Class for mounting at the bottom of some mechanical and interior offer maximum livability.

However, the most important aspect of this concept is its mechanical aspect. Under the name of BlueZero offered three alternatives. On the one hand the E-CELL, which basically consists of a vehicle operated by an electric motor. The energy required for movement is provided by the lithium-ion batteries cooled liquid.

With these batteries, the BlueZero can travel up to 200 kilometers, a range so far not announced any other manufacturer for an electric vehicle only. In addition, these batteries are recharged simply by connecting it to a normal power plug. In a time of one hour is enough to get a surcharge to travel over 50 kilometers.

The second variant of this concept is eco-CELL-F. In this case, it uses a hydrogen fuel cell to supply the electric motor. In this case, a technology already well studied and tested in various units of the Mercedes Class A, self rises up to 400 kilometers.

Finally, to provide power all variants which are currently emerging as more viable, it also offers an option called widespread autonomy. Under the name E-CELL Plus, the E-CELL version of electric motor and lithium-ion batteries is added an auxiliary gasoline engine. This is not used to move the car but merely to generate electricity when the batteries are actually exhausted. This propellant is located in the rear.

The gasoline engine used is a small and very reliable engine, the one-liter turbocharged engines used in the Smart. With its 68 hp at a speed of 3500 rpm produces enough electricity to move the vehicle with ease and independence then increased to 600 kilometers, of which the first 100 are in use only with no electricity, without putting start the gasoline engine.

With this concept very similar to the existing Class A and B, but with a touch of something more modern, Mercedes proves that their solution is ready to launch and market a new model more in line with sustainable development. And besides, what is with all the possibilities today are more viable. The BlueZero has a length of 4.22 meters, which is very similar to the current Class B, which also shares its forms.

Just add a few more details of the new concept: the electric motor has a maximum power of 136 hp and maximum torque is 320 Nm. Thanks to this engine accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in 11 sec. and its top speed is limited electronically to 150 km / h. And its trunk has a capacity of 500 liters. And an electric car viable.

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