Nano arrival in city to be delayed

Hyderabadis queuing up to take a look at the world’s cheapest car -- Tata Nano -- will have to wait a little longer. While the much-awaited, snubnosed Rs 1 lakh passenger car will be unveiled for public viewing in Mumbai on Monday, the car will be available for display in all other cities only in the first week of April.

``We will be getting only one vehicle, which will be displayed from April 2. We may get more vehicles for test drives later,’’ said Kiran Kumar, branch incharge, Mallik Cars, a Tata Motors dealer.

The long waiting period is not the only disappointment for anxious customers, for, they could be further let down by the fact that not all those booking the vehicle will be allotted one. ``We will be issuing booking applications from the first week of April for the first 15 days. But the company will decide about vehicle allotment,’’ said another dealer in the city.

Tata Motors will collect all bookings from various dealers across the country and then randomly choose the first 50,000 customers. ``Perhaps, we anticipate that every city will be allotted 2,500-3,000 vehicles,’’ said the dealer.

Similarly, those who are allotted their dream-car will, however, get the delivery only by May or June.

Company officials explain that the reason for the delay is two-fold. One, huge demand from customers across the country. Two, shortage of supply as production of vehicles is just a little over 50,000 units in 2009. While this could be disheartening for wannabe car owners, it is good news for competitors such as Maruti Suziki, Huyndai and General Motors. ``If the production delays continue, definitely, other auto makers will reduce prices on existing small cars to match Nano’s price and retain market share,’’ says an industry analyst.

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