Nano to hit Europe by 2011 - Mr Ratan Tata

Mr Ratan Tata chairman of TATA group as saying that after launching in India on March 23rd, the TATA Nano will hit the European market by 2011.

Mr Ratan said "We hope to launch the Nano Europa in 2010-11."

He, however, refused to give away the cost of the European version of the car saying a lot of factors needed to be looked at before the price could be decided. He said "But it'll hold to its image of being one of the cheapest cars in the market."

Asked whether he wanted Nano to become the next people's car for Europe, just like Volkswagen had decades back, Mr Tata said his goals were much more modest. We are a relatively new car company in a relatively new car-producing nation. We just want to produce a car in India that's robust and can compete with the rest.

The Nano Europa, being showcased for the very first time has quickly become Curiosity No 1 at the Geneva Auto Show. The show, reputed to be among the world's top four auto exhibitions, opened for the media on Tuesday.

Mr Frank B Meyer an auto journalist from Germany said "We're very excited about the Nano. Though it's not expected to be a big hit in Europe, it would do well in certain European countries. Yes, the finish needs to be improved, but this is not a production car at the moment."

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