The new S Class, with hybrid versions in June

Mercedes is unstoppable in recent months. In March it launched its new E-Class loaded with technology in May is scheduled arrival of the new E-Class Coupé which will replace the CLK and only months later, in June launched an evolution of its Class S.

The new saloon representation incorporates many changes, the incorporation of new technologies and brought in the E Class but provides the first hybrid model from Mercedes to the general public. Under the name Hybrid S400 comes first model that incorporates a gasoline engine and electric to operate package. In addition, this vehicle is the first production car that uses lithium-ion batteries.

The S Class has always been the reference of the luxury saloons. Mercedes launched in 1951 its 220 model as the precursor of the Class S and since then have been sold around the world more than 3.3 million units of the successive generations of the model.

The new S Class, presented at the Hall of New York, incorporating a wide range of engine. Two of them Diesel cycle, corresponding to 350 CDi Bluefficiency with over 235 hp and 450 CDi eight cylinders in V with 320 horses.

In the section of the gasoline version of access is 350, 272 hp, with power passing through the 340's 450 hp, 388 of the 500 or 600 with 517 hp twelve-cylinder engine in V And of course the AMG versions, which in this case are two: 63 AMG 525 hp and above as the top model with 612 hp S65 AMG.

While undoubtedly the most innovative is the S400 Hybrid. This model features a gasoline engine 6-cylinder modified for this version that provides 279 hp. This engine incorporates the stop & start technology and various adjustments in its operation so that the change 7-Gtronic specifically suited to hybrid operation. In addition, the vehicle features a 20 hp electric motor. As a result we get a very efficient vehicle in its fuel consumption of 7.9 liters as approved securities.

The electric motor is located between the gasoline engine and the change it is called parallel hybrids. Motor driven by electricity that serves to provide a further impetus to the vehicle when the driver steps on the accelerator with power but also to deal with the gasoline engine to start quickly and smoothly once it is stopped at a traffic light. At the same time also serves to recharge the batteries of the vehicle. These are Li-Ion, the latest technology in this type, which makes batteries that Mercedes is the first production car to use. The batteries are of a size and ultra placed himself in vain engine.

In addition, the new S Class is loaded with the latest technology. Elements such as automatic management for the main beams, control of speed limit signs on the roads, the new night vision system with respect to highly evolved to date includes a new feature for people detection. Also the system that warns the driver of a dangerous state of fatigue by analyzing 70 different parameters. Or Pre-Safe or notice of involuntary change lanes or so many others.

He left to the end an innovative system that was developed by Mercedes and the German company Bosch. Splitview called, allows the driver and passenger to see two different things in the same screen on the center console at the same time. Thus, while the driver sees the map of the area on which it is moving, your companion can go watch a movie, for example. The two images are both on screen and each person sees only his own. But is not that the screen is divided into two parts, it would be easy, but since each side is a different picture in full screen.
We still have no official prices for Spain, but in Germany, with these taxes range from 73,000 euros for the S350 and S65 AMG of 155,000 euros. As for the 400 Hybrid, undoubtedly the most innovative of the new S Class, its price in Germany is 85,323 euros. Sales begin in early June.

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