Toyota suffers fresh losses

Tokyo, April 12. The Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor headed this year by the global recession and the strong yen on the half-year loss in a row.

The operating loss in the 2009/2010 financial year in April begun broken can reach more than 500 billion yen (3.8 billion euros). Reported that the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei Sunday.

In the previous financial year that ended March, according to the newspaper Toyota suffered an operational loss of about 500 billion yen from a previously forecast loss of 450 billion yen. This is the first loss in the company's existence.

The recession, the strong sales of Toyota under pressure. Also, the company has experienced the strong yen. The car of Toyota, this year is expected to approximately 6.5 million. It would for the first time in six years that Toyota less than 7 million cars.

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