New Honda Jazz Hatchback Ready to Launch on 10th June

Indian customers will have Honda Jazz on June 10 which will be the first small car or hatchback model in the Honda stable.
The journey of the first generation Jazz started in 2001 with its debut launch in *Japan. The car is now being sold in more than 115 countries across the Globe. The first generation Jazz set a benchmark by achieving cumulative sales of more than 2 million units. The truly acclaimed and the stunning performer Honda Jazz , in its Second generation avatar, is all set to hit the Indian Roads in early June 2009. And The Jazz will be launched in India with a 1.2 L i-VTEC engine which has been specially developed for the Indian Market. It reflects the company's commitment towards India and its continued focus on bringing in the latest global technology into the country.

The engine has been exclusively researched and developed at the Honda R&D centre in Tochigi, Japan to suit Indian road & safety conditions. The revolutionary “Made for India” discovery offers a dual advantage of superior power and low fuel consumption. The future ready E10 compatible engine even ensures environment responsibility by matching Euro IV emission levels.

The new powertrain is a four - cylinder, 1198 cc engine featuring Programmed Fuel Injection delivering class-leading Power of 90 PS (66 kW) @ 6,200 rpm and Torque of 110 Nm (11.2 kg-m) @ 4800 rpm while giving an impressive fuel economy of 16.1 km/l as per ARAI test data.
Sporting a perfect combination of external compact design & spacious interiors it also offers ample luggage space. The newly improved one-motion operation Magic Seats make the car even more versatile by letting you fit almost anything you can think of. Its longer wheelbase and a compact engine bay render more cabin space for both the driver & the passengers for a comfortable drive.
The advantage of the i-VTEC engine is that, it regulates the opening of air-fuel intake valves and exhaust valves in accordance with engine speeds. By regulating valve opening to match engine speed, the engine adjusts its characteristics to deliver both superior power and low fuel consumption. With this technology, Honda is working to ensure environmental responsibility while delivering driving pleasure.

****Honda Jazz in India to cost Rs. 5.5 lakhs****

VW Polo mini-MPV plans revealed

Volkswagen is planning a mini-MPV version of its new Polo that could be on sale within two years, as well as a "more macho" successor to the Beetle.

Hans Dieter Potsch, VW board member responsible for finance, said, "A mini-MPV is in an area we have under active consideration. In terms of downsizing, people will not stick to one type of small car or another."

A European VW source told Autocar, "Some firms with excellent core superminis struggle with mini-MPVs or crossovers and vice versa. Properly executed, they can be complementary."

Potsch said, "We have a full product agenda. Markets change more rapidly than we appreciated before. Cutting back on R&D can place you in a troublesome position just when a recovery happens."

Work is continuing on the next Beetle, meanwhile. Another VW insider said, "The new car will be less effeminate, more assertive and masculine so guys are not deterred from buying it. Women buy cars liked by men but it is less the case the other way round."

Honda Fit Hybrid Delivers Lower Carbon Emissions For $15,800

Honda plans to move the schedule up on for its Honda Fit Hybrid by a year and a half. The new Honda Hybrid will launch in late 2010. Honda made the decision to release the Fit earlier than planned in an effort to meet growing demand for lower carbon emissions.

The Fit is a unique vehicle and will have a starting price of $15,800. The car is universal and features a 2nd row Magic Seat which lies flat revealing more cargo space. There is also a secret box for hidden storage.
The Honda car has 57.3 cubit feet of cargo space with the seats folded down. You can configure your Fit Hybrid in three different modes to give friends, pets and cargo the space they need. While it appears small, the Fit is a subcompact car, but it does have comfort.

Honda has not officially disclosed the timing of the launch of the Fit or the Honda Civic hybrids which will follow. We do know that the estimated time frame is targeted for Fall 2010. The automaker is aiming to sell over 50,000 hybrid Fit automobiles annually.

For the most part, the Fit has fast looks and slick style. From the rear roofline spoiler to its aero-zealous face and fog lights, this swift metro acrobat rocks 16-inch alloy wheels. The hybrid Fit will come in three colors: Orange Revolution Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl and Blue Sensation Pearl.

Fit has easy-to-read gauges that illuminate ambient blue at night, 10 beverage holders, and an iPod compatible USB Audio Interface. The Honda vehicle also has the option to include the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with voice recognition for urban tracking. This hybrid car caters to excitement.

Toronto Mayor rids self of Prius, gets Malibu hybrid

There'll be no more Prius parked in the garage of City of Toronto Mayor, David Miller. The vintage 2003 Toyota import was chagrined to learn, whilst in the shop to correct an electronics problem, that it had been replaced by a almost-domestically-produced car, a new Chevrolet Malibu hybrid. Although the Chevy is assembled in Kansas, it has parts from over 30 Ontario, Canada auto parts suppliers and the Mayor felt that it would be a positive gesture to make a show of support with the purchase.

Unfortunately for the politician, he may notice that the mpg numbers from his new ride are a little disappointing. His Prius was rated at 52 city/42 hwy (yeah, it's the old EPA rating, but still), while the 2009 Malibu Hybrid is rated at a mediocre 26 city/ 34 hwy. Were it us making the buying decision, we might have done any Canada-content-number-fudging necessary to get ourselves the Ford Fusion hybrid (41 city/36 hwy). Heck, we might have gotten a phone call from Mulally out of it

Daimler loses - Greek court rules in favor of Chinese smart fortwo clone

There's an old saying that "justice is blind," an adage which has taken a literal meaning thanks to a Greek court's decision to dismiss Daimler's lawsuit against a Chinese copy of the Smart fortwo.

This effectively ends a long legal battle which started when Daimler blocked Shuanghuan from displaying the Noble at the Bologna Motor Show in 2007. Although the car was later allowed to go on sale in Europe in early 2008, Daimler kept up the pressure which resulted in Shuanghuan marketing the Noble under the slogan "Smarter than the rest".

The Greek court determined that "an informed buyer would not confuse the Noble with the Smart Fortwo." They also stated that because the two vehicles offer different technical specifications, any exterior styling similarities are irrelevant and almost inevitable because they're both mini-cars.

While many of us are likely to label the court's decision as ludicrous, it follows similar legal precedents set in other European court battles against an onslaught of Chinese clones.

Thankfully, many of the Chinese copies that eventually reach European markets typically fare poorly as consumers balk at their horrid questionable safety, quality and dismal reliability.

Mercedes E-Class cabrio and wagon to be delayed until 2010

Due to the ongoing financial crisis, Mercedes is delaying the introduction of the new E-Class convertible and wagon.

The convertible was originally scheduled to debut in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but the company has now decided to introduce it as a 2011 model at next year's Geneva Motor Show. Likewise, the E-Class wagon will also be unveiled next year but as a 2012 model.

While the move delays some of the E-Class' more popular variants, it allows the company to cash in on sales of the new E-Class sedan and coupe. It also means the convertible will be launched much closer to the peak drop top buying season in spring. More importantly, the delay allows Mercedes to focus on the redesigned CLS, V6 BlueTEC Hybrid, and creating a new four-cylinder diesel engine for the next-generation S-Class.

The Next-generation Civic are to be had from Honda's 2011 CR-Z

Speculation is tough to do on a model such as the Honda Civic, which always comes in so many variations. Unlike the Golf, for example, which is pretty much the same car wherever you go in the world, Honda chooses to create different Civic models depending on the market where it will be sold.

North American models are often larger and forged as compact sedans while in Europe the Honda Civic comes as your standard-issue mid-sized hatchback. And domestically in Japan, as well as in other Asian markets, it comes in its own guise too.

According to Mag-X magazine, Honda is fastidiously at work on all upcoming iterations of the next-generation Honda Civic, which will likely debut in 2011 sometime as a 2012 model. Hints are to be had from the 2011 CR-Z prototype which, hopefully, will make an appearance at the Tokyo motor show this coming October.

The CR-Z hatchback will quite likely share some similarities with the new Civic, including a hybrid drivetrain made up of a 1.5 liter gasoline/petrol engine coupled to Honda's Integrated Motor Assist, along with a choice of a 6-speed manual or a CVT transmission.

Honda keeps having to play catch-up with Toyota's Prius in terms of its hybrid offering, with the Prius having established itself as the model that defines the hybrid car. And a well-received Civic hybrid is essential to the success of the whole Civic range.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ330 SST

Mitsubishi Cars in the UK has added a new model to its already extensive 7-strong model range of Evolution X cars. The Evo X was launched in the UK in March 2008. In that part of the world these high-performance sedans are badged with the prefix FQ followed by a number that denotes the car's horsepower rating.

The FQ-330 now comes standard with Mistubishi's 6-speed Twin-Clutch Sports Shift Transmission (SST) system and has 329hp (242kW) and 322 lb ft (437Nm) of maximum torque at 3,500rpm. That is 29hp more than the FQ-300 SST but 25hp less than the £39 999 FQ-360. The Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) system ensures power is planted firmly on the tarmac.

To achieve this boost in power the engineers used a breathing kit that includes an intercooler piping kit, a racing suction pipe, a high performance exhaust and downpipe as well as a remapping of the ECU. Thus acceleration has been improved and the driving experience is said to be notably enhanced. The quoted 0 - 62mph sprint time is 4.4 seconds and top velocity is 155mph (249km/h).

Standard equipment includes 18-inch alloy wheels, Brembo brakes, adaptive xenon headlights, Recaro front seats, Bluetooth connectivity, HDD satellite navigation system and a Rockford sound system with iPod/MP3 auxiliary port. Interested parties can choose from one of four exterior colour options.

The Evo X FQ-330 SST is priced at £35,999 which is £3,000 less than the FQ-300 SST.

Toyota's Tops in Online Brand Advocacy

Toyota is tops when it comes to positive brand advocacy among major automotive brands, according to Nielsen Online's new "Brand Advocacy Quotient" research. This quarterly measurement of consumer advocacy looks at online survey data and customer experiences shared through online buzz. Results, based on responses from more than 2,000 consumers, are indexed on a scale of -100 to 100.

Thanks to raves about its quality, size, style and dealer experience, Toyota achieved the highest rating of 69, followed by Honda (68), Lexus (68) and Acura (67).

Creating a positive brand image online has grown in importance because that's where most consumers go to research their purchase decision. "Before people buy a new vehicle they are looking to the Web and social media sites," said Julie A. Enzweiler, automotive research director, Nielsen Online.

"Auto marketers have to understand that the positive and negative comments people say will impact the sale. It can either pick up a brand up or weigh it down," she said.

Despite Hyundai's new offerings and extensive advertising efforts, the brand's rating falls lower than many other automakers because of quality issues and poor dealership experiences among survey respondents. It scored a 46. Only Isuzu (39), Suzuki (41) and Jaguar (43) ranked lower.

Kia, meanwhile, found itself in the middle with a score of 52. Price and value drove its advocacy, which is common among lower-priced brands, but quality concerns dragged down Kia's overall score.

For brands to be successful and gain advocates, Enzweiler said, "their brand pillars must resonate with consumers. If you want to be known for great quality vehicles, your top consumers need to perceive you that way. The BAQ is a snapshot in time for brands to see the lay of the land and adjust accordingly."

GM Planning to Sell Chinese-Built Vehicles in U.S.

General Motors plans to start importing Chinese-built vehicles into the U.S. in 2011, according to an outline the auto maker has submitted to members of the U.S. Congress.

GM currently manufacturers vehicles in China for sale in Asia. But the company plans for the first time to ship some of those vehicles to the U.S. to save on manufacturing costs.

A summary of the plan, obtained by Dow Jones Newswires, shows that GM plans to import 17,335 Chinese-built vehicles into the U.S. in 2011. The imports from China would jump to more than 38,000 in 2012 and more than 53,000 in 2013, the document shows. Imports from other countries, including South Korea, Japan and Mexico, would also increase. The plan is part of a broader cost-cutting strategy by GM, which has said it intends to cut 21,000 manufacturing jobs in the U.S. while increasing imports into the country.

Those plans are being devised under the guidance of U.S. President Barack Obama’s auto-industry task force as part of GM’s restructuring.

However, a spokesman for GM in Shanghai said it was “only a matter of time” before vehicles made in China are imported into the company’s home market, in another blow to the US car industry.
The production quality here is the same as Luton in the UK or the US. We may not be fitting them with all the specifications but that does not mean we can’t,” he added.

Although GM is struggling globally, its operations in China continue to be a huge success. Sales in March rose by more than 50pc to 151,000 cars, compared to 172,000 in the US. GM has invested in research and design facilities alongside its Chinese partners and says it could design and produce a car wholly inside China within 12 to 24 months.

New Volkswagen Polo GTI "Wörthersee 09"

The VW Golf GTI "Wörthersee 09" has been seen. Now it's the turn of little brother Polo Woerthersee 09, a sort of preview of what a higher performance Polo could look like. The Polo Woerthersee 09 is actually based on a standard 1.4 MPI Polo with 63kW (83hp).

Painted in the same flaming red colour as the Golf GTI "Wörthersee 09", the Polo features two contrasting black rally stripes that flow from the bottom front bumper all the way to the rear bumper. The black color is also found on the front mesh grille, the backdrop of the headlights, and on the side mirrors. The five-blade 18-inch alloys that are wrapped by low profile tyres are highlighted in black as well. While the single tailpipe remains, its sound has been enhanced to reflect the sporty nature of the rest of the car.

The interior received black nappa leather seats with contrasting white sides and red stitching. This stitching is also found around the flat-bottomed leather steering wheel, on the handbrake lever, the gear lever and the door trims.

Daimler Announces Strategic Partnership with Tesla Motors

Yesterday, we brought you a story about a webcast that would air this morning at 7 am. The webcast, provided by Daimler, was a press conference in which they would announce their electro mobility plans for the future and reveal a strategic partnership. We had hinted at the partner being Tesla, and our guess turned out to be spot on.

During the webcast this morning, Daimler announced a partnership with Tesla Motors. According to Daimler, the deal is a double digit million dollar deal that will give them nearly a 10% stake in Tesla. The collaboration calls for both companies to work together on a Smart car EV due out in 2012, as well as other future electric vehicles.

The partnership will allow Daimler to use proven technology to bring their electric vehicles to market quickly. According to Daimler board member Thomas Weber, "The first priority was to find the quickest and most straight forward solution. We are about to combine the best of the old and new school. We are both deeply convinced that electric powertrains will play a major role in sustainability mobility."

Details of the entire deal are limited at this point. But it works out as follows, Tesla will supply battery packs and electric powertrains to Daimler and in return they will receive auto manufacturing and design expertise in areas including safety requirements and mass production of vehicles.

The partnership will give Daimler an edge in bringing electric vehicles to market quickly by using the proven parts from Tesla and will allow Tesla to produce more vehicles at a lower price point.

Look for more information about the Daimler, Tesla partnership as details about the deal become available.

Volkswagen bringing new EV concept to Frankfurt

According to a report on Auto Express in the U.K., Volkswagen plans to debut a new eco-friendly car concept at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September that could potentially rival the Chevy Volt-based Opel Ampera in Europe. Unlike the automaker's previous green concepts like the hybrid Golf TwinDrive and diesel-powered BlueSport Roadster, the new and as-yet unnamed concept will be fully electric.

Beyond that, details are scarce. There's some speculation that the new EV may be based on the Volkswagen's New Small Family architecture that underpins the tiny Up! city car concept that was first seen way back in 2007, but that's not yet confirmed. In any case, the Frankfurt-bound electric vehicle is likely to use lithium ion batteries supplied by Toshiba.

Audi Q5 Custom Concept - Worthersee Tour 2009

The 28th Wörthersee Tour in Austria kicks off on May 20 and ends on the 23rd. The show is a gathering of auto enthusiasts, including those who love the Audi brand. For the latter a special Audi Q5 will be showcased on the Audi stand.

Clad in massive 21-inch wheels with a 7 twin-spoke design, the vehicle is no ordinary Q5. Its track has been widened by 90mm (3.54 inches) while the ride height is 60mm (2.36 inches) lower. The exterior paint colour is called Daytona Gray. Some red paint applications were made on the rims, the roof rails, the front skirt and the rear spoiler. Other fittings include a panoramic roof and ceramic brakes.

There is an S4 connection to this Q5 in that the engine is the same supercharged 3.0 TFSI V6 that powers the S4. Power is not the same 246kW (334hp) though, it has been increased to a sports car-rivalling 300kW (408hp). Torque is 500Nm between 3,000rpm and 5,500rpm. Like a performance car this custom concept is said to whistle away from 0 - 100km/h in 4.4 seconds and top off at a governed 250km/h.

Some features and equipment include the rear view parking assistant camera, S Line sports seats, stainless steel-plated pedals and voice control.

Volkswagen Bluesport Roadster New concept

Due to the distinct lack of people spending money on emotional purchases, Volkswagen is reportedly thinking that now might not be the best time to introduce a sport two-seat roadster. That's bad news for fans of the firm's BlueSport concept from this year's Detroit Auto Show. Despite the favorable fuel mileage (up to 62 miles per gallon in Eco Mode) earned by the car's mid-mounted 2.0-liter turbodiesel four cylinder engine, the German automaker isn't sure it could sell enough copies of the Roadster to turn a profit.

Channel 4 in the UK quotes an unnamed insider (aren't they all?) as saying, "It is a niche product, and especially in crisis times like this it will be a challenge to come up with a volume we could require to earn money with it." Sounds like the car's future is mostly dependent on the duration of the global economic downturn.

New Prius goes on sale today in Japan, Toyota claims 80,000 pre-orders

The new Prius will start at 2.05 million yen ($21,620), or at least 300,000 yen less than what executives had originally said the car would cost.

The about-face came after Honda's Insight became an instant hit after going on sale in Japan in early February. Honda sold nearly 10,500 Insights in April, more than double its target of 5,000 units a month.

Toyota had originally planned to raise the price on the latest Prius because it packed more advanced features, a bigger, 1.8-liter engine and better mileage of 50 miles per gallon, or 38 km/liter

With an eye on competing with the Insight, Toyota will also take the unprecedented move of continuing to sell the entry-level grade of the previous Prius in Japan at the same price as the Insight's 1.89 million yen, with a monthly target of 3,000 units.

Honda's boss was critical of the move. "You can't just suddenly change your pricing policy -- that's going to destroy the market," Chief Executive Takeo Fukui told Reuters last week.

"We're not paying any attention to (the Prius). They're not going to last long with that strategy," he added, speculating that the Prius would eat into sales of other Toyota cars and hurt its dealers.

JPMorgan's Nakanishi agreed that striking a healthy balance with sales of non-hybrid cars will be crucial going forward.

"As hybrids become more attractive and cost-competitive, we need to worry about how the other cars are going to hold their own. Hybrids still have lower margins (than gasoline cars,) so there's going to be some pressure on profitability. All that has to be taken into account while they sell their hybrids," he said.

Toyota's shares ended down 0.8 percent at 3,560 yen on Monday, outperforming the benchmark Nikkei average's 2.4 percent decline. Shares in Toyota, which is forecasting a $8.6 billion loss for the current financial year, have rallied about 23 percent so far this year, lagging Honda's 41 percent rise.

Saab Elektrisk

Every automaker has specific styling cues that it uses to make its designs instantly recognizable. It would seem this is especially true of a car's front fascia, and it's often fun to graft the grille and headlights from one automaker onto a vehicle design from another. For instance, take a look at the Chevy Volt and Opel Ampera, two vehicles that share similar bodywork with the notable exception of the front clip.

We already know that General Motors would like to expand its Voltec powertrain into other brands in its portfolio, notably Cadillac. Moving the Voltec upmarket a few notches would allow GM to recuperate the development costs of the high-tech powertrain package much faster. Could that also include Saab? A Photoshop expert named Theophilus Chin has created a few renderings of what a Saab Volt might look like, and we think it's pretty interesting.

Although a Voltec-powered Saab would also help move the technology into a higher price bracket, it seems unlikely that the automaker would extend its flagship powertrain technology to a brand that it's actively shopping, but it's fun to speculate on these things anyway.

Undisguised 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost at the Calais

A sharp-eyed observer managed to catch this virtually undisguised 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost at the Calais - Dover ferry crossing in England.

Looking nearly identical to 200EX Concept, this production ready prototype shows us what to expect when the Ghost is officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Differences between the concept and production version seem to include colored turn signal indicators, a revised front bumper with a center support, and a slightly modified steering wheel.

Although it is based on the recently introduced BMW 760Li, the new Rolls-Royce Ghost is a tad larger as it measures a massive 5399mm (212.6 inches) in length, 3295mm (129.7 inches) in wheelbase, 1948mm (76.7 inches) in width, and 1550mm (61 inches) in height. Power will come from a 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 engine that produces 400 kW (544 hp) and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque.

Look for 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost to start arriving in dealerships early next year with a base price somewhere in the neighborhood of £180,000 (US$257,000).

Toyota Planed to build hybrid Camry in Australia 2010

Toyota has confirmed it will build a hybrid version of its Camry sedan in Australia from 2010.

The announcement has created a green race between two of Australia's three local vehicle producers - Holden and Toyota - to see which will be the first to bring a frugal hybrid car to dealerships.

"We are delighted to have secured production of Australia's first local hybrid. It represents an exciting new chapter in the Toyota Australia story," says Toyota Australia CEO and president Masahide Yasuda. "From 2010 we plan to produce 10,000 Camrys at the Altona plant [in Melbourne]."

A senior General Motors executive also recently said Holden would begin selling a hybrid version of its Commodore by 2010.

Victorian premier John Brumby described the Toyota hybrid announcement as "a very historic day".

"This is a green letter day," says Brumby. "It marks the start of an exciting new era in our automotive industry."

The Toyota Camry hybrid is expected to use between six and seven litres of fuel per 100 kilometres travelled, 30 to 40 per cent less fuel than a regular four-cylinder petrol automatic Camry _ and about the same as a small car.

Carbon dioxide emissions for the hybrid Camry should fall from about 230 grams per kilometre to 140g/km.

The hybrid Camry should save its owner roughly $1000 a year in fuel bills, compared with the normal petrol Camry (based on 15,000km a year usage).

The company will also begin building the Focus small car _ including a diesel variant that uses just 5.6L/100km _ in Australia from 2011.

The move to produce hybrid and diesel vehicles is seen as a stepping stone to emission-free motoring promised by hydrogen fuel cells.

Hybrid War in Car Market

There is a war brewing between the top two Korean automakers and the leading Japanese car companies as they prepare to unleash new hybrid models into the local market in the second half of the year.

Hyundai Motor is unleashing a hybrid vehicle that runs on liquid petroleum gas in July while Kia Motors’ hybrid will be on the market two months later.

Toyota, manufacturer of the Prius, the world’s first hybrid vehicle, is hoping to release its latest Prius model in Korea in October at a price of 2 million yen (26.4 million won, $21,000).

Honda is planning to introduce its hybrid car, the New Insight, later this year. The vehicle has been selling in Japan since February and currently retails for 1.8 million yen. Like the Toyota Prius, the Insight’s fuel efficiency rating is outstanding. It gets 23 to 24 kilometers per liter, which is double the fuel efficiency of most midsize vehicles.

Ventross GT­-R R35 Skyline

Vorsteiner will offer its Ventross Nissan GT-R from the 1st of June 2009. While this may be so, the tuned car will not be mass-produced so to speak. The components will be made to order for GT-R customers who want them. Ventross hopes this approach will ensure optimal fitment and the highest quality for each piece installed.

Wimmer Racing Technology has unveiled a new €29,800 performance package for the highly regarded Porsche 911 GT2.

The German-based tuner modifies the twin-turbo 3.6-liter boxer engine by adding new engine management software, redesigned cylinder heads, high performance camshafts, and a custom exhaust. Thanks to all these enhancements, the Wimmer 911 GT2 boasts 680 hp and 870 Nm of torque. As you can imagine the car features stellar performance figures including a 0-100 km/h time of 3.4 seconds, a 0-300 km/h (0-186 mph) time of 25.8 seconds, and a top speed of 356 km/h (221 mph).

Wimmer's 911 GT2 also features a modest body kit which includes a carbon fiber rear lip spoiler, carbon fiber mirror housings, 20-inch Sportec wheels, and a lowered suspension.

Honda starts making Civic GX in Indiana

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC (HMIN) began production of the natural gas-powered 2009 Civic GX at its plant in Greensburg, Indiana. The Civic GX was formerly produced at Honda’s East Liberty, Ohio plant and has ten years of proven performance as a natural gas powered vehicle. The Civic GX is the only natural gas vehicle built by a major automaker in the US.

First introduced in 1998, the Civic GX is the cleanest internal combustion vehicle certified by the EPA—90% cleaner than the average gasoline-powered car on the road today. As a result, the GX is certified by the EPA as an Inherently Low Emissions Vehicle (ILEV). It is the only natural gas powered passenger car available for sale in all 50 states, and is eligible for a $4,000 federal tax credit as a qualified alternative fuel vehicle.

It is powered by a 113-hp (84 kW), 1.8-liter, 16-valve, SOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine built at Honda’s engine plant in Anna, Ohio, and it is designed with a higher compression ratio—12.5:1—to maximize performance from natural gas fuel. The engine develops 109 lb-ft (148 N·m) of torque at 4,300 rpm, and is coupled with a five speed automatic transmission. It has an average range of more than 220 miles, and has fuel economy of 24 mpg (city) and 36 mpg (highway).

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana began Civic GX production just seven months after starting mass production of the 4-cylinder Honda Civic sedan at its new plant in Greensburg, Indiana. The $550 million plant currently employs approximately 1,000 associates and is designed as a zero waste-to-landfill facility.

Assembling the Civic GX brings flexibility and new capabilities at the plant. HMIN is a comprehensive production facility that includes metal stamping, plastic injection molding, subassembly, and final assembly. Producing the GX on the same assembly line with other vehicles required the addition of unique production processes, including fuel tank sub-assembly and installation, and a fueling center for compressed natural gas.

The Honda Civic sedan being built in Indiana features the fuel-efficient 140-hp, 1.8-liter, 16-valve SOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder gasoline engine also produced by Honda associates in Anna, Ohio. As in all new 2009 model Honda and Acura automobiles, the engine meets or exceeds US EPA Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards. The Civic sedan also qualifies as an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (AT-PZEV) as rated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

New Maruti Ritz premium hatchback Video

Maruti Suzuki Ritz, after a highly successful launch in European market is set for home coming, India launch. Launched as Maruti Suzuki Splash in European markets, this car will come to the Indian market as Maruti Suzuki Ritz and they decided to lunch this car on May 15.

New METROBuddy EV Launched in Norway - Headed for Europe

Though the Metro Buddy isn't due to be officially unveiled until tomorrow at EVS-24, the Norwegian Minister of Transportation, Liv Signe Narvasete, visited the little electric car maker's factory and got a sneak preview. The folks from ElectricAid were also on hand and shot a little video, which we can now share with you. While it keeps the same basic form as the original Kewet Buddy, There are some changes that are more than skin deep. For example, buyers of the new version will be able to store electricity in lead-acid, nickel metal halide (NiMH) or lithium batteries giving this wedge of Jarlsburg a range of 50 to 75 miles (80 to 120 kilometers).

Like the original, the Metro Buddy will be easy to park, inexpensive to run and available in lots of colors. It will have a top speed of 50 mph (80 km) and seating for a driver and two good friends. Delivery is set for December, but if you just can't wait and you're willing to settle for the classic

2010 Opel Astra Revealed, New Platform, New Engines

Pictures of the new-generation Opel/ Vauxhall Astra have cropped up. Opel's Golf rival takes the majority of its styling direction from the award-winning Insignia. The lines are sleek and sporty yet elegant and clean. It is built on the new Delta platform from General Motors which also underpins the Chevrolet Cruze and Volt.
A selection of engines will be available beginning with a 1.4-litre naturally aspirated petrol. A turbo 1.4-litre is also on the cards and will deliver power outputs ranging from 120hp (88kW) to 140hp (103kW). Torque is said to range from 175Nm to 200Nm. There is also the 1.6-litre turbo from the Insignia with 180hp (132kW).
No Astra engine range is complete without the turbo diesel. On that front 1.3-litre, 1.7-litre and 2.0-litre turbo diesels are to be sold.
The new Astra goes on sale in Europe in the autumn of 2010 in the five-door shape. Later on in the year and in early 2011 the GTC coupe and wagon versions will follow. Previous reports suggest that the US market may get the Astra as a Buick sometime in 2011. Before then it will be exhibited at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Maruti Suzuki to launch premium hatchback Ritz on 15 May

Maruti Suzuki Ritz, after a highly successful launch in European market is set for home coming, India launch. Launched as Maruti Suzuki Splash in European markets, this car will come to the Indian market as Maruti Suzuki Ritz and they decided to lunch this car on May 15.
Maruti Suzuki Ritz fuel efficiency and Maruti Suzuki Ritz mileage is expected to beat its competitors and said to rank top in its class for Maruti Suzuki Ritz mileage
The car will powered by the new K12M BSIV compliant engine. This will be the first time in India that a passenger car will be powered by the BS-IV compliant engine. It will be second aluminum engine in the Kseries and retains the technological superiority and fuel efficiency of the K10B engine which powers.
The car poses a clean, bold and stylish external and internal design, largely deviating from the traditional Maruti Suzuki car looks and feel. Cost or price of Maruti Suzuki Ritz will be set to target around A-star rage and would compete with Hyundai i series.
Price of Maruti Suzuki Ritz or the cost is expected to be around 4 to 5.7 lac.
Ritz is available in eight colors- fire brick red, baker’s choclate, blue blaze. Silky silver, racing green, glistering grey,midnight black and superior white. For the first time in the segment, Ritz comes with two sets of dual-tone instrument panels - blue panel and grey panel that match with the body colors.

Specs (Speculated)
Car Segment: Small Car, Premium Hatchback (B+ segment)
Fuel Type: Petrol/Diesel
Engine: 1.2L Petrol/ 1.3L Diesel
Max Power/Torque: Petrol - 85bhp/114Nm, Diesel – 75bhp/190Nm
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 3720x1780x1650

New Maserati adds to luxury market

If this Italian thoroughbred doesn't appeal to the head, it will certainly appeal to the heart.
The power of a brand is no more obvious than at the luxury end of the new-car market. If you're looking to buy a supercar or limousine, then heritage, style and exclusivity are just as important as performance, features and on-road manners.
Little wonder, then, that European brands dominate.
With Maserati there's a certain mystique about the Italian sports car maker that's known for its Ferrari engines and gorgeous designs.
Now with a regular automatic transmission (in lieu of the earlier clutchless semi-auto) and some styling tweaks as part of a recent update, the Quattroporte is also a serious contender against limousines from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Bentley. It's also primed to compete with the new breed of four-door sports cars, such as Porsche's Panamera.
The Quattroporte sells from $286,000 with the 4.2-litre engine. Step up to the $323,800 Quattroporte S tested here and you get a 4.7-litre V8, among other go-fast goodies.

Unsurprisingly, the Quattroporte hasn't been independently crash tested. But it does come loaded with safety gear, including front and front-side airbags and the all-important curtain airbags that protect heads in a side impact. There's also a stability control system to help control a skid.

It may be big and spacious but the Quattroporte is also athletic and highly capable.
As part of the S package there are 19-inch alloy wheels, which provide excellent cornering grip, sometimes at the expense of ride quality. Its composure can be troubled by road joins or other sharp imperfections.
The Sport button makes auto shifts more aggressive, as well as firming the suspension to reduce corner lean. But it also reduces the ride quality for everyday driving.
The wood-trimmed steering wheel feels upmarket to the touch, although the steering is light-ish. It can be too sensitive at freeway speeds but translates to inherent alertness on a winding road.

Can be thirsty, noise from rear at speed, sharp ride on some surfaces.
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GTA Spano supercar makes 840 horsepower on ethanol

The massive 8.4L V10 engine from the Dodge Viper has never been short on power. This undeniable fact hasn't stopped enterprising souls from tweaking the powerplant to offer even more, however, and past efforts have focused on doing so through the use of ethanol in lieu of gasoline. That route is now being taken by upstart Spanish automaker GTA.

GTA is reportedly borrowing the Viper's V10 engine from Dodge for use in its new $670,000 Spano supercar, and it's topped the already powerful mill with a supercharger that raises output to a 780 horsepower. Need more ponies? Alternate engine mapping allows the flex-fuel engine to put out a ridiculous 840 horsepower when running on ethanol.

That kind of power should have little problem pushing the Spano to its estimated top speed of 217 miles per hour, while the run to 60 mph is expected to take a scant 2.9 seconds

Small car is Lunching by Ford

Now India is becoming rich in small cars market you will see everywhere on Indian roads only small cars and some companies already getting more success in auto industry market and all companies are looking to lunch his new products in Indian market After Tata Motors and General Motors, now Ford India Pvt Ltd plans to launch a small car in India. The launch is expected by the first quarter of calendar year 2010.
Ford India, said: “Yes, we will be launching the small car in this segment broadly, but there are sub-segments in the category, and this is where we will differentiate ourselves. We will be basically competing in the largest volume segment. India and China are the two markets in the world where small cars are in huge demand and we will be focusing on these countries a lot.” He did not give more details.
Early last year, Ford India had invested $500 million to expand its vehicle and engine manufacturing capacity. Wark said the small car operations would be funded from this investment alone as of now.
The automobile firm is expanding its yearly vehicle manufacturing capacity to 200,000 units and 250,000 engines. “We are looking at increasing the share of exports (from India) once the capacity is expanded. Plus, we will export the small car in the region, apart from petrol and diesel engines,” said Wark.
On customer service, Ford India is planning to expand Quick Service centres. At present, it runs Quick Service centres at 23 locations, which it intends to take to 45 by December. “Through the expanded number of Quick Service centres, we intend to reach out to 70-75 per cent of our customers in the country,”

New Renault Clio RS 200

The new version of this popular supermini is easy to spot. Visual changes to the styling – especially at the front – bring the design closer to the Twingo and latest Laguna. There’s a choice of six engines and seven trim levels – plus revised Renaultsport models for enthusiastic drivers.

About car :

The 2.0 liter 16 valve F4R RS engine now puts out 200 horses and 215Nm of torque, up 3 horses from the previous 197 number. Peak torque is also achieved at a lower rpm of 5,400rpm, which is lower by 100rpm. Pre-3,000rpm torque is now 20% higher. The first 3 gears of the manual gearbox have been shortened for better acceleration, which means 0 to 100km/h takes only 6.9 seconds, on to a top speed of 227km/h.

The front end takes after a similiar look to the new Megane, and like the Clios before it, it does without any kind of spoiler, instead relying on a fully functional rear diffuser to help with the aerodynamics. The diffuser reduces lift at 130km/h by as much as 40kg.

The front wings are 30.5mm wider than a standard Clio to accomodate the wider tracks, which are extended by 48mm at the front and 50mm at the rear. Wheelbase is up by 10mm to the new 2,585mm number.

The suspension dampers on the new RS 200 are actually about 15% softer than the RS 197. These dampers are of a hydraulic double-effect type, which uses an additional level of valving to help dissipate energy better. The front antirollbar is now 21mm in diameter which is 1mm thicker.

As for the “Cup” spec level, the dampers are 15% stiffer than the RS 197 Cup. These dampers can also be specified on the non-Cup RS 200. The steering ratio for the Cup is also 7.5% quicker, also standard on the Cup and optional on the regular RS 200. A weight of 1,204kg give it one of the best power to weight ratios in its class - approximately 166 horses per tonne of weight.

GM to launch new mini car in India by Dec

General Motors India (GMI) will launch the new mini-car in the Indian market by December, and increase its dealerships to 250 from the current 195, the company’s Vice-President, Mr P. Balendran, has said.In the city to kick off a new initiative to hold free services and sales camps across India, he said that similar camps will follow in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Among the services on offer here will be a 73-point service check up for GMI vehicles, pollution check, body wash and polish in addition to exchange and loan facilities and test drives. The company plans to hold such camps twice a year in each centre.