Honda Fit Hybrid Delivers Lower Carbon Emissions For $15,800

Honda plans to move the schedule up on for its Honda Fit Hybrid by a year and a half. The new Honda Hybrid will launch in late 2010. Honda made the decision to release the Fit earlier than planned in an effort to meet growing demand for lower carbon emissions.

The Fit is a unique vehicle and will have a starting price of $15,800. The car is universal and features a 2nd row Magic Seat which lies flat revealing more cargo space. There is also a secret box for hidden storage.
The Honda car has 57.3 cubit feet of cargo space with the seats folded down. You can configure your Fit Hybrid in three different modes to give friends, pets and cargo the space they need. While it appears small, the Fit is a subcompact car, but it does have comfort.

Honda has not officially disclosed the timing of the launch of the Fit or the Honda Civic hybrids which will follow. We do know that the estimated time frame is targeted for Fall 2010. The automaker is aiming to sell over 50,000 hybrid Fit automobiles annually.

For the most part, the Fit has fast looks and slick style. From the rear roofline spoiler to its aero-zealous face and fog lights, this swift metro acrobat rocks 16-inch alloy wheels. The hybrid Fit will come in three colors: Orange Revolution Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl and Blue Sensation Pearl.

Fit has easy-to-read gauges that illuminate ambient blue at night, 10 beverage holders, and an iPod compatible USB Audio Interface. The Honda vehicle also has the option to include the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with voice recognition for urban tracking. This hybrid car caters to excitement.

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