Brabus unveil features of sound alarm in its Smart Fortwo

The German tuner has unveiled its Smart Fortwo Electric Drive equipped with a few sporty features — the coolest of which is an exhaust-note generator.
The Smart has a top speed of about 60 mph and a range of 70 miles. It can trot to 30 mph in 6.5 seconds and takes eight hours for the lithium-ion battery to fully charge. Performance-wise, the car features a sport suspension and five-spoke alloy wheels that blend well with the overall design of the car.
Brabus' coolest innovation, perhaps ever, is the noise generator, which allows the bright-green car to bellow like a muscle car or, more subtly, whine like a peppy Smart — depending on which way you flick the under-dash switch. The sound is generated by an external loudspeaker positioned at the front of a car. It's initiated the moment you put the pedal to the metal.
The minty livery is continued inside, where a Kenwood head unit provides iPod connectivity and navigation.

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