An electric Smart Fortwo Brabus reviewed by

This is a concept car the car is not yet marketed. Brabus has a customized version of the Smart Fortwo electric reserve a surprise.
Boring electric cars? The Tesla Roadster has already shown the opposite and the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive prepared by the preparer German Brabus just brings a new denial.

Apart from some small cosmetic changes much wiser than the current Fortwo Brabus, located on the Smart Electrical gadget surprised so much fun. It will perhaps nostalgic for the combustion engine, since it reproduces the sound of a good old gas block ... on a car that shines through his silence. And attention, the sound does not come from inside, but a speaker behind the grille of the car. This means that pedestrians enjoy this fantasy.

But apart from being shifted later, this incident again raises the question of the silence of electric cars, potentially dangerous for pedestrians in town. He inaugurated a tuning a new genus, that of the electric car.
Brabus seems determined to work in this field since the author is already preparing for a Tesla Roadster

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