Electric Smart to go in to production

Smart has been trialing its Smart EV for the last couple of years in the UK, with customers paying £375 per month for the joy of being a guinea pig for the little city car in electric form. Which actually seems like a huge amount of money to me, especially considering the benefits for Mercedes in terms of feedback. Blimey, for only £20 more you can get a new Jaguar XF Diesel! Still, the trials are ongoing, and as a result of the feedback Mercedes has announced that the Smart EV will go in to limited production from 2010.
You won’t be surprised to learn that after Mercedes 10% stake in Tesla that it is Tesla who are to provide the batteries for the second generation Smart Electric Car. With this technology in place, the Smart EV gets a greater range, shorter charging times and better performance.
The press release is big on quotes about the wonders of the Smart Electric, as you would expect. Boris Johnson says:
It is absolutely fantastic to see manufacturers like smart leading the way to make the electric vehicle an easy choice for Londoners. The move to electric vehicles, which emit zero pollution on London’s streets, will have a massive impact on cutting carbon emissions to curb climate change whilst improving air quality and noise levels for our citizens.
Mercedes also make play of the Smart EVs ‘Nippy’ performance. Nippy? It will get to 30mph in 6.5 seconds and manage a massive 60mph. And they are making play of the price – company car tax notional value of £13,750. Well, I’m sorry, but for less than even the notional tax value you can get the superb Fiesta EConetic, which will do 70+ mpg and have emissions (admittedly at the point of use, not foisted on the poor people who live by the power station) that, when you factor everything in, are probably lower than the Smart EV.
Still, this is the way we are going – at least for now – so the Smart EV adds choice for those who want an electric city car.

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