Hybrid Replacement Rendered: 2011 Honda CR-ZX

The bad news for Honda fans is that the NSX's V10 successor has been canned while a replacement for the S2000 roadster that will end production this year is nowhere in sight (aside from magazine centerfolds, that is). The good news is that the CR-X will return, though in a somewhat different form tailored to meet the needs of today's 'eco-frenzy' world. In other words, the CR-X's successor will be a dedicated hybrid model - something in the likes of the Insight.
Honda has said for almost two years that the very good looking CR-Z hybrid concept would make it to production. We've heard that the production version of the CR-Z would harken back to the original two-seat CRX and would be more aggressive and sporty than the 2009 Insight. Now, Japan's Best Car magazine has tried to imagine what such a car might look like, even enlarging (it appears) the big front vent. The new dedicated hybrid's name will be the CR-ZX.

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