Kia’s got both heart and Soul

Their new Soul 4x4/MPV has incredibly sold 1,000 in just 100 days since it went on sale in the UK — with 4,000 snapped up worldwide.

It proves how cool they have become under the guidance of former Audi TT designer Peter Schreyer and his team in California.

With the No3 concept mini-MPV — which we exclusively tested in Motors last week — on the way, Kia are clearly a firm to watch.

But the Koreans are also showing that their heart is firmly on becoming more eco-friendly.

Kia are ready to launch a three-step plan to reducing CO2 emissions to ZERO by 2020. First is the Cee’d ISG (Idle, Stop and Go) which is basically the Stop/Start system already on some other small cars, which cuts the engine automatically when the car is stationary.

Kia have also formed a partnership with tyre firm Michelin, whose new silica energy-saving tyres can cut fuel consumption by another 20 PER CENT. Using these tyres, the Cee’d 1.4-litre petrol ISG will reduce emissions from 145g/km to 130g/km.

Then the Cee’d 1.6-litre petrol hybrid, which uses ISG and an electrical management system which gives the car extra power during acceleration, will cut emissions to 114g/km. That car is not due until next year.

Finally Kia are testing a fuel cell vehicle which will produce ZERO emissions. It is powered by electric and hydrogen.

They’ll help the Cee’d and Kia to grow more.
First drive: KIA CEE'D ISG

KIA are planting green seeds for their entire range — with an eco-friendly Cee’d!

Once upon a time driving an eco-friendly car was akin to throwing your credibility down the toilet.

But the Kia Cee’d ISG changes all that. It oozes class and makes green motoring a lot more attractive.

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