Mazda reorganization puts more focus on green vehicles

Amid all the recent turmoil in the automotive industry, Mazda has decided to do some internal housecleaning that may affect what you’ll see at Mazda dealerships in the future.

The organizational changes give certain leaders at Mazda more power than they previously had by combining several roles together. This is intended to speed up the efficiency of decision-making, Mazda says.

Mazda has also added a new position involving the management of future “electric drive” developments. That could mean Mazda is planning new hybrids and/or electric vehicles. Mazda already produces a prototype hydrogen-powered RX-8 (technically an EV) that’s undergoing testing in select countries.

Mazda has no concrete plans to build electric vehicles, as management thought EVs and hybrids clashed with its sporty, “Zoom-Zoom” attitude.

Mazda, which was recently spun off from Ford, has posted a net loss of nearly $728 million since the end of March. The company is applying for Japanese government loans.

In April, Mazda’s CEO said the automaker would introduce a new fuel-efficient powertrain and a completely new vehicle for 2011.

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