Mi-mi-scooter car, an electric vehicle Smer 100% french

Lumeneo, Franco-French Porcheville (Yvelines), will launch on the market Smer, an electric car whose dimensions are closer to those of a two wheels than a traditional automobile. Lumeneo hopes to meet the mobility needs of large cities bottled: 2,45 m long, 25 cm less than a Smart ForTwo, 84 cm wide, 10 more than the three-wheeled scooter Piaggio MP3 . But compared to the two wheels, the Smer promises more security with its belt (there are two places) and aluminum pole, and comfort through the roof ... and its 4 wheels. Currently under approval by the French authorities, the Smer should touch the french market once it has been deemed compliant.

The Smer is the 35th vehicle to join our directory of electric cars. For detailed specifications, high-resolution photo gallery and video presentation, please see the sheet Lumeneo Smer.

Founded by Daniel and Thierry Moulène, Lumeneo is now mostly composed of technicians and engineers. To cope with rapid growth, Lumeneo just turn into SA and expects to have 40 employees by the end of 2009. For the commercialization of Smer Lumeneo is planning to open a dealership in Paris.

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