PICC plug-in Prius can now go 70 mph on battery power

Thanks to a beefed up bit of software, Priuses converted to plug-in drive by Plug In Conversions Corp. (PICC) have gotten quite a bit better. They can now go up to 70 mph using nothing but their batteries and get 170 mpge. The software manages to get around Toyota's built-in top speed limitation of 34 miles per hour in EV mode, as PICC president Kim Adelman told us when we spoke to him at EVS23. All of this goodness doesn't come cheap: the software upgrade will cost customers anywhere between $2,000 and $2,500 on top of the $12,500 conversion; at least there will be a free trial version available at some point. The software goest on sale later this month.

In PICC's announcment of the upgrade (which you can read after the jump), there was no explanation of how Argonne National Laboratory tested the car recently and calculated the 170 mpge number, but, previously, PICC's best and most expensive packs could get around 25 miles of EV-only range.

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