Bavina Cars India Ltd Best Eco Friendly electric Car for City Use in India

In an Indian auto market the first and only one electric car is Reva that is the eco friendly car for city use only but time has changed and new electric car is coming in Indian electric car market that is Bavina Cars India Ltd located for more information check it out ( ) in Chennai received allotment for setting up a unit in Ranipet, a 100 acre plot in SEZ (Special Economic Zone) to make electric (eco-friendly) battery cars. Bavina is the first industry in Tamilnadu and 2nd in India to produce battery cars.
BCIL has commited to invest Rs300 crore and plan to produce 25,000 cars in a year from the year 2011. Bavina plant will employ directly and indirectly (contractors, consultants, etc.,) around 1500 people.
Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Mu. Ka. Stalin handed the letter to Mr. S. Rajasekar and test drove the vehicle along with Mr. Durai Murugan.
Bavina’s technology partner is Velozzi (Velozzi based in Los Angeles, California is a company comprised of world-class scientists, car builders, and designers dedicated to developing environmental transportation technologies to alleviate both the energy crisis and climate change.
Velozzi is the culmination of decades of R&D into the latest technological advancements tied to a ground-up approach ensuring delivery on a worlwide scale.
Velozzi is dedicated to the designing, manufacturing & marketing of environmentally friendly, powerful, beautiful and practical plug-in
multi-fuel hybrid electric vehicles
) design, manufacture & market environment ecp-friendly, powerful, beautiful and practical plug-in multi-fuel hybrid electric vehicles.

Present Technical Specification

Changed face of Jaguar

The new Jaguar XJ is due to be officially unveiled to the world at 8pm this evening .The XJ sedan is being unveiled at a glitzy ceremony in London tonight.
It follows on from the highly successful XF model, which helped to re-establish the Jaguar brand after several years of heavy losses.
Like previous models, sales of the new XJ are crucial to Jaguar.
Last month Tata, the Indian firm that owns both Jaguar and Land Rover, announced that the Midlands brands had lost about £1m a day in the 10 months since it bought the two companies from US maker Ford.
Both Jaguar and Land Rover have seen a downturn in sales in the last few months, although the success of the XF has helped Jaguar maintain a reasonable share of the luxury car market.
'Too modern'
It is hoped the new XJ will be just as popular and as a result help to stem some of recent losses suffered by the JLR group.
Images of the new car will be available on the BBC News Website later, following the car's official launch.
The exact look of the new car has remained a closely-guarded secret, although teaser images released by Jaguar do show a car that is radically different from the designs of the past.
Under designer director Ian Callum, the whole Jaguar look has undergone a major overhaul that has not been to everyone's liking.
Traditional Jaguar owners complained the new look was "too modern".
But others have applauded the changes, which have help to attract new customers who previously would not have wanted a Jaguar.
Mr Callum said recently that the XJ was "right and correct for the 21st Century".
The XF model, launched last year, has already won many awards including both "Car of the Year" and "Design of the Year" from several leading car magazines.
Many feel the success of the the car has helped to restore confidence in what was seen as a flagging brand.
It is hoped the latest model will allow Jaguar to build on that success.
Mr Callum maintains that in designing the new XJ he has had to call on his entire 30 years of learning and experience in the car industry.
'Lightest' car
The overall outcome, he has suggested, is something "very special indeed".
The new XJ will be one of the lightest cars in its class, being made of aluminium instead of steel.
It is also expected to be available with a highly-efficient diesel engine that will be capable of more than 40 miles to the gallon, making the new XJ one of the greenest cars in its class too.
The original XJ model dates back to the late 1960s and has served as a flagship model for the Jaguar brand ever since.
It is said the model was the last Jaguar saloon to have had design-input from Sir William Lyons, the company's founder.
The current XJ model was launched in 2003 and underwent a makeover in 2007.
Like the last XJ, the model has been designed at Whitley in Coventry and will be built at the Castle Bromwich factory near Birmingham.
Production lines are being prepared and several pre-production models have already been made.
The new car will go on sale early next year. Prices for the new model have yet to be announced

Hot Report Hyundai planning plug-in sports car for 2012

Hyundai's first-ever hybrid automobile for the U.S. market will be based on the redesigned 2011 Sonata midsize sedan, but it certainly isn't the only fuel-saver the Korean automaker has in store. According to Automotive News, Yang Woong-chul, president of R&D for Hyundai-Kia Motors, has reiterated his company's plans to aggressively enter the increasingly crowded hybrid market.

To that end, Hyundai plans to launch a new sporty plug-in electric car based on the striking Blue-Will concept from the Seoul Motor Show earlier this year. Powered by a 1.6-liter gasoline direct-injected powerplant and 100kw electric motor mated up with a CVT automatic transmission, the Blue-Will reportedly has a range of 38 miles in EV mode and an overall rating of 55 mpg when the gas engine is in operation.

Expect a similar drivetrain for the production car when it hits the market in 2012 to go up against the upcoming Chevy Volt and the plug-in version of Toyota's standard-bearing Prius hybrid. So far, there's no word on expected pricing for the PHEV, but Hyundai says the goal is to 'show its technology and improve its image,' not to make money. Consider our interest piqued.

Maruti Suzuki launches New Grand Vitara

Maruti suzuki has launched the new grand Vitara Suv for the Indian car market. It is the third major new car launch by the Maruti Suzuki in india after a-star and ritz this year.
Mayank Pareek, executive officer (m&s) Maruti Suzuki India limited said, “the new version of grand Vitara takes the three decades of Suzuki Suv heritage to the next level. Highly popular the world over, the grand vitara is one of the global strategic models in Suzuki Range. For all those customers, who are increasingly looking at suvs, the grand vitara 2

The new Grand Vitara is an advanced version of the older suv and will be priced around rs 16.67 lakh and rs 17.97 lakh (ex-showroom delhi). The new grand vitara will be available with a 2.4 litre vvt petrol engine with choice of either manual or automatic transmissions.

The new engine in the Grand Vitara offers an amazing 163.6 bhp of power and 225 nm of torque. It gets an all time 4-mode 4-wheel drive which helps it conquer differ types of terrain with ease the new grand vitara 2 4 comes with enhanced safety features like the disc brakes on rear wheels which provide superior braking power and provide additional stability at all times

O add style to the already chiseled exterior styling, a new prominent front grille and a front bumper are provided to give it a tougher look. Its profile is enhanced by the 17 inch alloys wheels which also give added traction. The interiors have been gives a slight tweak to provide a refined look. More gadgets and gizmos are provided to add fun to the drive in a Grand Vitara

General Motors New Beat Spark

The new Spark based on the Beat model is expected to launch later this year after Cruze is launched in the market.
The spy pictures of the new model from General Motors which may be launched as the new Spark or even as Chevrolet Beat in India. GM India is ready to launch new model of its small car model Spark in India and the company has already assured that it remains unaffected from any problems with its parent company.
Chevrolet Beat or the new Spark is expected to be one of the most stylish models with complete overhaul of exteriors as well as interiors. GM India is banking upon this model to boost its sales and capture a larger market share in India.

Saturn Vue plug-in replacement SUV on track, GM considering electric city car

General Motors is on track to launch a plug-in sport-utility vehicle in 2011 despite scrapping its Saturn brand as part of a sweeping reorganization in bankruptcy, according to the automaker's product chief.
"I can tell you that I won't lose one day in terms of customers being able to walk into dealerships and actually purchase a plug-in," GM Vice Chairman Tom Stephens said in an interview.
Stephens also said GM could consider launching an all-electric small car for congested cities that would mark the automaker's return to a technology it dropped in 2003 with the decision to scrap the battery-powered EV1 in California.
"I think there's pent-up demand for the technology," said Stephens of GM's work on electric-drive vehicles, including the highly touted Chevy Volt.
"My job is to get it out there and get it right the first time but then get it cost-effective so that we can do a huge number," said Stephens, who took over as GM's product chief in April, just as its business plans came under scrutiny from the Obama administration's autos task force.
Under the product plans that underpin its U.S.-government financed turnaround effort, GM has promised to launch 14 new, fuel-saving hybrid models by 2012.
The centerpiece of GM's effort to reinvent itself has been the Volt, an electric-drive car GM aims to introduce by late 2010. The Volt will have a 40-mile driving range on a single battery charge, a distance that GM projects will cover a round-trip for most urban commuters.
But the Volt, which will also have a small gas-engine for extended-range driving, is expected to cost consumers over $30,000 after a federal rebate.
The pricey first generation Volt will not give GM the volume it needs to bring down costs sharply, Stephens said.
"If I had to go with my first generation, we couldn't really pencil a business case," he said. "Any new technology is expensive, but if you get to the second or third generation you find that the cost goes way down."
Last year GM also announced plans for a plug-in version of its Saturn Vue SUV that would carry a lithium-ion battery pack rechargeable at a standard outlet, reducing the need for gas consumption from its 3.6-liter engine.
The Saturn Vue plug-in was being designed with the ability to be driven 10 miles on electric power alone.
But GM's plans to launch the rechargeable SUV were complicated by a decision to drop the Saturn brand this year.
Stephens said work on the plug-in technology behind the Saturn Vue remained on track. He said the vehicle that would replace the now-scrapped Saturn would be an SUV from one of GM's four remaining brands: Chevy, Cadillac, Buick and GMC.
GM's mass-market rivals, including Toyota Motor Corp, Nissan Motor Co and Ford Motor Co are also pushing ahead with plans for rechargeable and pure-electric vehicles.

The first electric car from VW is expected to arrive in 2013

Martin Winterkorn, head of Volkswagen has announced at a press conference. The first electric vehicle of the German should be available from 2013. As we previously announced, is one of the vehicles of the "Up! "Which should be chosen for this purpose. Winterkorn is also far into the future, since in 10 years, VW intends to market a large number of fully electric vehicles at affordable prices. That is what the customers according Winterkorn. VW wants to hold 1 to 1.5% of the total production of electric vehicles by 2020. Recall that Volkswagen has signed with BYD, a Chinese manufacturer, a contract to jointly produce hybrid vehicles or electric. Another agreement was signed with Japan's Toshiba for the development of engines for these vehicles

Pop artist Romero Britto Bentley Continental GT pop art

Pop artist Romero Britto has created a uniquely styled Bentley Continental GT for his "Come to my World" exhibition in Berlin.
Designed to put a smile on people's faces, the oddly painted Bentley features a bizarre mix of cartoonish flowers, flying hearts, and yellow stars. These unique designs are further emphasized by the GT's dark blue exterior which boasts white squiggles.
According to Britto, "It (the Bentley Continental GT) is the most beautiful and elegant car in the world. The lines of the new design are perfect to paint as a clean canvas. What a way to start a fascinating and colorful journey."
The one of a kind Bentley can be seen at the Automobil Forum Unter den Linden which runs from July 10 to September 6. When the exhibition is over, Britto's Bentley will be auctioned off to support the Nathalie Todenhöfer Foundation for multiple sclerosis and Best Buddies, a charity for the mentally challenged.

Toyota will launch series production PHEV Prius in 2012

According to Japan's Nikkei news agency, Toyota has decided to start series production of a plug-in version of the Prius hybrid in 2012. At launch, the automaker plans to build about 20,000-30,000 units a year of the plug-in hybrid. The report indicates that the model will be priced comparably to the Mitsubishi i-MiEV at about $48,000. That's a pretty steep price and quite a bit higher than the $40,000 pricetag expected to be applied to the Chevrolet Volt when it arrives late next year, and it also puts the PHEV Prius at about twice the price of a conventional model.
Toyota wants to price its plug-in hybrids at a comparable price to Mitsubishi Motors Corp's (7211.T) all-electric car, which debuts this month to fleet customers in Japan at 4.59 million yen ($47,800) before government subsidies, the Nikkei said, without citing sources.
Toyota's new Prius gasoline-electric hybrid costs less than half that, starting at 2.05 million yen in Japan.
Toyota's plug-ins will be able to run 20-30 km (12.4-18.6 miles) on battery power alone at full charge, the paper said.
Toyota has said the car will be powered by lithium-ion batteries developed and produced by its joint venture with Panasonic Corp (6752.T), Panasonic EV Energy Co.
A Toyota spokesman said the company could not comment on future product plans.
Toyota's plug-in hybrids would fan competition against General Motors Corp's (GMGMQ.PK) much-hyped Chevy Volt plug-in, which can also be charged at home through an electric socket.

Korean e-Zone Electric Vehicle

If any car screams "Alabama!" it's the e-Zone electric car pictured above, right? The quirky low speed vehicle is a project of CT&T Co. Ltd, a South Korean company, and might be built in the Heart of Dixie in the next few years. CT&T wants to build a variety of vehicles for the U.S. market, including "City Drive Electrical Vehicles (EVs), Mid-speed Electric Vehicles, High-speed Electric Vehicles, Utility Electric Vehicles." The vehicles will use lead acid, advanced lead acid, lithium polymer and lithium ion chemistries and will cost between $8,000 and $16,000. The company says that, "By the fourth quarter of 2009, the company expects to begin selling c-Zone utility EVs for commercial and government applications as well the e-Zone City Drive EVs." Nothing like an ambitious goal.

CT&T is looking at building a North American headquarters, a research and development center and several manufacturing facilities in America, likely in the Southeast. CT&T is looking at Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and California as potential locations for its operations, which it says will employ 2,600 people. The company's U.S. subsidiary is called CT&T United. T

Top ten greenest cars in UK's

Cutting-edge technologies that enable new cars to achieve remarkable levels of economy and ultra low emissions have been showcased in the latest green car awards.
A host of everyday cars are being hailed as future saviours of the planet for their impressive green credentials, which results in economy of more than 70mpg and emissions of less than 90g/km.
Among the affordable models to be singled out for particular praise are the new Toyota Prius, the Citroen C1, Ford Fiesta, Volvo S40 and the BMW 3 Series.
They were among ten exceptionally environmentally-friendly cars short-listed for the WhatGreenCar Car of the Year 2009 Awards, with the Prius taking the top prize.
Not only do the latest generation of cars have a vastly-reduced impact on the environment whilst they are being used but they are almost entirely recyclable including even their batteries in the case of hybrids.
When the new Prius goes on sale from next month it will have an official economy figure of 72.4mpg and a CO2 rating of just 89g/km.
This 14 per cent improvement in its green credentials over the current model is representative of the remarkable rate at which all new models are now cleaning up their act.
This includes not just city cars and hybrids but prestige German models and even people-carriers and 4x4s.
The ten awards finalists were the Citroen C1 ev'ie electric, Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric, Toyota iQ, Ford Fiesta ECOnetic, Toyota Prius hybrid, Volvo S40/V50 DRIVe start-stop, Honda Insight hybrid, Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion, BMW 318d saloon and the Citroen C3 Picasso.
Dr Ben Lane, managing editor of WhatGreenCar says: 'This year's judges were rightly impressed by the range of green car technologies employed by the ten cars short-listed.''
Among the everyday models that are said to be typical of the new generation of green cars are the Ford Fiesta, Honda Insight and BMW 318d.
The Fiesta ECOnetic has a CO2 rating of just 98g/km, which the judges say makes it the greenest supermini in the UK.
The Honda Insight hybrid boasts a CO2 rating of 101g/km and is praised for bringing the first real competition to the Toyota Prius.
The BMW 318d saloon uses EfficientDynamics with regenerative braking and start-stop technology to help achieve a low CO2 figure of 123g/km, making it the greenest executive car in the UK.

Maruti Ritz Crash Test check it out

Maruti Ritz Crash Test check it out
How safe is Maruti Ritz just check the Suzuki Splash Crash Test

Why You Should Not Buy Chinese Cars??

Why You Should Not Buy Chinese Cars!
Chinese cars are unsuccessful to pass the crash test just watch the video what’s happened with this car

New 2010 Opel Meriva hits the Ring

While still camouflaged, the Mervia prototype bears a strong family resemblance to Opel's new Insignia and Astra thanks to a similar lower side body design. Elsewhere, the spy photos also reveal the car's new headlights which help to give the Mervia's front end a dynamic appearance. Although the rear door is heavily camouflaged, it is clear the new MPV will feature a unique rearward opening FlexDoor system which was first previewed on the Meriva Concept which debuted at last year's Geneva Motor Show.
Engine options will likely mirror that of those offered on the new Astra. This means we can expect the Meriva will feature a naturally aspirated 1.4-liter engine as well as a turbocharged 1.4-liter with 140PS. On the diesel side, the Mervia will likely offer up to four different Euro5 compliant engines with outputs ranging from 95PS to 160PS.
Look for the new Mervia to be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.