From sexy witches to EVs: Classic Costume Company buys plug-in conversion company

If you had a multi-million dollar costume company – y'know the kind that sells sexy librarian and sexy witch outfits for the October holiday – what would you do with the money? If you're Classic Costume Company, Inc. (CCUC), you decide it's time to buy two car-related companies. You start with Imperial Coachworks, Inc., makers of luxury limos. Then, you add Plug-In Motors to your stable of wholly owned subsidiaries and announce you're going to change your name to Electric Car Company, Inc.

Plug-In Motors currently offers one conversion, a Mustang that they call the Plug-In Panther, but has plans to offer six more, including Ford F-150 and F-250 trucks and Mercury Grand Marquis (or Ford Crown Victoria), "soon." The conversions to pure electric Mustangs cost $75,900 for the minimum range (85 miles) or $99,900 for the maximum range of 200 miles. While it may seem strange for a costume company to buy an EV firm, CCUC has its reasons: government money. In a recent press release announcing its name change, they explained:

Due to Federal and State grants being made available to companies in the transportation and energy industries, CCUC feels strongly that now is the time to pursue opportunities and acquisition candidates that will support our goals and to capitalize on the growing market demand for a cleaner and more efficient form of transportation that will drastically reduce our country's dependence for fossil fuels.

We'll keep our ears open, but we're pretty sure this will be the oddest story we post today

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