Holden Commodore gets new fuel sipping options

General Motors' Holden division down in Australia has been building the company's 3.6-liter high feature V6 at its Melbourne plant since the engine first launched in 2003. Until now, however, the Australian plant has only built the original port fuel injected variant. For 2010, Holden is adding the new 3.0-liter variant that is also being used in a number of North American market models like the new Equinox, LaCrosse and CTS. Another first for Holden is that both engines are now direct injected across the board.

When paired up with the 6L50 6-speed automatic that is now standard on the V6 models, the Commodore Omega is now rated at a combined 25.3 mpg (U.S.) on the Australian driving cycle. The Commodores benefit from weight reductions, new low rolling resistance tires and other upgrades.

The 3.6-liter versions also get fuel efficiency improvements from the direct injection ranging from 7-13 percent while power improves from 262 to 282 hp. The upgraded engines will be available in the Commodore family starting in September.

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