Voices of Mercedes' LINGUATRONIC voice-operated control system

Mercedes has decided to give us an in-depth look at their new "LINGUATRONIC" voice-operated control system.

The product of over 20 years of development, the LINGUATRONIC system allows users to access common navigation functions by speaking normally (example: Stuttgart, Epplestraße or Fort Street, Detroit, Michigan) instead of having to say the town and street separately. Upon hearing this information, the system will automatically start route guidance regardless if a street number is given.

According to Mercedes, the navigation system has been programmed to recognize around 80,000 towns and 470,000 street names in Germany. This impressive database was constructed by having over a dozen Europeans record various words, phrases, numerical sequences and names. Individuals who lent their speaking expertise include Gabriele Libbach (actress in "CSI New York"), Fátima de Oliveira Baptista (former Portuguese TV host), and Jette Sieversten (a Shakespearean actress).

Besides its usefulness in accepting navigation commands, the LINGUATRONIC system also allows users to access telephone and audio functions in Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, US-English, Japanese and Chinese.

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