Renault Gordini Return Confirmed

We’ve known this was on the cards for a while – the return of the Gordini badge – and we reported last week that Renault were going to announce their plans for a new Gordini range this week. And they have.

Aimed straight in the sites of Fiat’s Abarth and MINI’s Cooper badges, the Gordini badge will signify the ‘Sporty’ Renaults, sitting one notch down from the Renaultsport models, which are expected to become even more hard-core as the Gordini mops up sales from less enthusiastic buyers.

Sadly – unlike Cooper and Abarth – it looks as if our belief that Gordini will be cosmetic rather than performance is right. Expect to see the iconic white stripes reappear and liberal doses of blue Gordini paint jobs. Throw in a body kit and some loud alloys and you pretty much have the recipe for the new Gordini.

First of the new Gordini range will be the Renault Gordini Twingo RS which Renault are planning on launching on 25th November on the Champs Elysees. You can expect to see Gordini versions of the Megane and Clio following before too long.

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