Tata Motors may Launch Electric Version in india 2011

A Tata Motors’ Tuesday announcement, which marks the automaker’s interest in launching an eco-friendly vehicle for the domestic market, specified that the company might launch Indica’s electric version in India by early 2011.
With the electric Indica being developed by the company in team up with Norway-based Miljøbil Grenland/Innovasjon, in which Tata Motors is a 50.3 percent stakeholder, the company’s Managing Director of India Operations, Prakash M Telang, said: “The electric Indica, which was unveiled at the auto expo last year, will be available for launch in the country simultaneously with its global unveiling in 2011.”
However, noting that Tata Motors will initiate a feasibility study pertaining to the vehicle once it has been readied for launch, Telang added that the electric Indica “will be launched in Norway, Denmark and the UK in 12-14 months. We’re evaluating the option of an Indian launch, but are still not sure if the electric vehicles (EVs) are the best option for the country.”
Commenting on the key issue associated with electric vehicles, Telang said that the cost of these vehicles is rather high – almost 70-150 percent higher than other vehicles - because of the expensive batteries used.
As such, Telang further added that the company will bear the ‘cost equation’ in mind while launching the electric Indica in the ‘price sensitive’ domestic market.

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