BMW displaces Mercedes Benz in the Indian luxury car market

BMW, the world’s largest luxury car maker, has displaced its global arch rival, Mercedes Benz from the top slot of the Indian luxury car market in the first two months of 2009. Mercedes
has lost its position as the largest luxury car seller in India as it has been slow in launching its latest global cars in the country,
Mercedes Benz, who reigned the Indian luxury car market for more than a decade, sold 315 cars in the January-February period. BMW sold 514 cars in the same period. Audi, which entered the Indian market, last year, sold 222 cars in the first two months of 2009 to emerge as the third luxury car maker in the country.

"Audi and BMW have introduced their latest models in the Indian market while Mercedes Benz portfolio has some dated cars with older technology. At the same time, the profile of new luxury car owners is changing with younger professionals who prefer more sportier Audi and BMW," said a auto analyst with the research firm.

Revving up efforts, BMW India will launch five new cars in 2009. It has already introduced the all-new 7 Series and the new 3 Series sedan. The SUV X6 and X3 diesel and a new sports model will be launched sometime this year. BMW India president Peter Kronschnabl said, "With our proposed launches we were hopeful of becoming the segment leader sometime this year in India. But we have got the top slot in advance."