GTA Spano supercar makes 840 horsepower on ethanol

The massive 8.4L V10 engine from the Dodge Viper has never been short on power. This undeniable fact hasn't stopped enterprising souls from tweaking the powerplant to offer even more, however, and past efforts have focused on doing so through the use of ethanol in lieu of gasoline. That route is now being taken by upstart Spanish automaker GTA.

GTA is reportedly borrowing the Viper's V10 engine from Dodge for use in its new $670,000 Spano supercar, and it's topped the already powerful mill with a supercharger that raises output to a 780 horsepower. Need more ponies? Alternate engine mapping allows the flex-fuel engine to put out a ridiculous 840 horsepower when running on ethanol.

That kind of power should have little problem pushing the Spano to its estimated top speed of 217 miles per hour, while the run to 60 mph is expected to take a scant 2.9 seconds