Beijing: Geely IG Solar Hybrid Car Revealed with With Solar Panels

This week at the Beijing Motor Show 2010, Geely Motors revealed a new fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles including this bug-inspired solar hybrid.  The Geely IG Solar Hybrid Car is powered by a hybrid powertrain and features a solar panel skin to help run its components and power system.
After its first tease as a concept vehicle at the Shanghai Motor Show 2009, the Geely IG (Geely Intelligence) has been re-tooled to showcase new hybrid technologies the marque has been developing.  The new Geely IG features solar panels on its hood and roof, a new 2 by 2 seating orientation and playful seagull doors.  What’s not clear is exactly how the solar panels interact with the electric half of this vehicle’s hybrid drivetrain.  Other cars, like the Aptera Typ-1, plan to use solar panels to power heating/cooling and other electrical needs independent of the hybrid engine’s power.  Geely’s short press release did not discuss how these solar panels will integrate with the Geely IG.
The Geely IG solar hybrid car was revealed to the public along with other green-minded autos in Geely’s fleet.  Along with the IG, Geely announced the EK1 and EK2 light electric vehicles and the Geely GPEC, a plug-in electric hybrid vehicle with a 60-km electric-only driving range.

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