Ford does bring small diesels to the U.S

Look, I have great respect for the foresight and leadership within Ford right now — and they are pumping out some great vehicles these days — but do they really need more of a hint that passenger car diesels will do well in the U.S. than statistics like the fact that 85% of all Jetta Sportwagens sold last month were diesels? I mean, who wouldn’t at least seriously consider buying a 60 mpg Ford Fiesta as a commuter car?

Nonetheless, recently had a chance to talk about the matter with Ford and the communication specialist said that Ford needs to know the demand is there. Personally I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Ford does bring small diesels to the U.S. They see the writing on the wall and they’ve made the right decision with hybrids already. They have the diesel technology already on the road in most of the rest of the world where small and mid-sized diesels are a normal part of life. It wouldn’t take that much effort to bring them here.

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