REVA NXR 2010 Pure Electric Next Generation Car

Today sees the apple barrage of the REVA NXR (NeXt Reva), a fresh lithium-ion powered electric car from REVA Electric Car Company (REVA), which is appointed to go into assembly aboriginal 2010. Also actuality apparent for the aboriginal time is REVA’s showcar, the REVA NXG (NeXt Generation), which is the company’s 2011 model.

REVA NXR is an M1 class three-door, four-seater auto ancestors car that is acceptable for burghal driving. Top acceleration is 104 kph (65 mph) with a ambit of 160 kms (100 miles) per charge. If application the 90 minute fast allegation (normal charging is eight hours), the REVA NXR offers an able ambit of 320km a day. A fast allegation for 15 account will accommodate a 40 km (25 mile) range.

Styled by Dilip Chhabria, the REVA NXG is a M1 category, two-door, two-seater car with a targa top. The REVA NXG has a ambit of 200km (125 miles) per allegation and a top acceleration of 130 kph (80 afar per hour). It appearance the aforementioned telematics as the REVA NXR, including REVive and, application the fast charge, it has an able ambit of 400 kms (250 miles) a day. This showcar, the REVA NXG, is REVA’s 2011 archetypal and its aboriginal assuming is at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). Pricing in Europe excluding batteries is from 23,000 euros additional a account advancement fee.

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