Control Nissan LEAF with your iPhone

Car giants Nissan have revealed the world's first vehicle to have its features controlled by a smartphone.
The groundbreaking Nissan LEAF is fitted with a system where the air conditioning can be programmed using a mobile like the iPhone or HTC Desire.
When they are out and about, drivers can use their phone to communicate with the battery powered, electric vehicle.
With just a few clicks, drivers can find out how much battery power the car has left.
And if they have left it charging, they can ask the vehicle to send a message when power has been fully restored.
They can also request what temperature they would like the cockpit to be at when they return to the five-door hatchback.

This means that after setting off, the batteries will be left with the less demanding task of maintaining the temperature.
When on the road, the LEAF's naviagtion system provides an up-to-date list of public charging spots in the immediate area.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the car will have a range of 100 miles between each charge and will be able to hit a top speed of 90mph.
The cost of a full battery charge is £2 so it works out at around 2p a mile. This compares to the £100 it now costs to fill up a Ford Mondeo.
Nissan chief product specialist Tooru Abe said: 'The system is a modern tool that will become a natural part of the Nissan LEAF owner experience.
'We wanted this vehicle to be a partner for the driver.'
The zero-emission Nissan LEAF is set for UK release in early 2011 and will cost around £20,000. The company claim it is the world's first mainstream affordable electric car.
As it is electric, you won't have to pay annual road tax, or city congestion charges.
From 2013, the cars will be built at Nissan's manufacturing facility in Sunderland.
The company are also planning an electric van.

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