Electric Nissan Leaf to be victim of heavy dealer price gouging?

Nissan Leaf set the price of its upcoming electric car Leaf at an almost unbelievable $25,280 after incentives. The announcement pretty much shocked in the automobile industry and Nissan has stuck to it. Questions poured in almost immediately asking how Nissan could possibly price the electric Leaf so low. Others wondered if Nissan would lose money on each Nissan Leaf sold and some were even eager to know how much the battery pack cost to produce.

Well, Nissan has answered those questions, but one still remains: How can dealers be prevented from price gouging customers to guarantee that the price of an electric Nissan Leaf won't skyrocket as soon as it hits the lot? To this, Nissan has no answer. The company told GM-Volt.com that it releases a manufacturer's suggested retail price but has no control over individual dealer pricing.

So here's our question to you. Would you willingly pay over sticker price to be one of the first to own a Nissan Leaf or will dealer gouging immediately drive you away? Also, how much more is the  Nissan Leaf's zero-emissions status worth to you? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below

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