General Motors ended partnership with Indian electric car company Reva

Some statements

GM India vice-president P Balendran Statement

GM India vice-president P Balendran has expressed that they may not continue with the Spark E program with Reva after the development and may pursue their own electric vehicle program.

M&M president Pawan Goenka

M&M president Pawan Goenka expressed that GM can their own decision and they have no problem with GM continuing with the partnership with Reva

Reva Chandramouli, president of sales statements

R Chandramouli, president of sales and marketing, Reva, “The GM project is important and we are open to licensing agreement with the company. But all depends on what they want

At last General Motors has ended a partnership with Indian firm Reva to produce electric cars and will now develop the vehicle in its home town of Detroit, the head of its Indian operations said on Thursday.

The announcement follows Mahindra & Mahindra's deal on Wednesday to acquire a 55 percent stake in Reva Electric Car Company.

GM India, which had originally planned to launch an electric version of the Chevrolet Spark, will now showcase the hybrid electric vehicle Chevrolet Volt in the fourth quarter of 2010, after its global launch in November, Karl Slym said. He did not give a time frame for the introduction of full-fledged electric vehicles in the Indian market. Slym said the decision to end the agreement with Reva was taken around two months ago as GM had a parallel programme to develop electric vehicles globally.

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