Nissan Announces Pricing of its electric vehicle Leaf: 30,000 euros

Nissan has announced that the price of its Leaf electric vehicles, including lithium ion batteries, is about 30,000 euros in Europe, depending on each country's aid.
Nissan Announces Pricing of its electric vehicle Leaf: 30,000 euros Nissan notes that the price of its electric car will be less than 30,000 euros in most European countries in which market the Leaf, a price comparable to hybrid or diesel models in the same segment.
Nissan notes that the electric car has five seats and has a high equipment.
Leaf The electric car is equipped with air conditioning, satellite navigator, rear view camera, quick charging system for lithium battery and a system of connectivity through mobile phones. Vice President Marketing and Sales of Nissan Europe, Simon Thomas, explained that this electric car is "a pure electric vehicle, with no CO2 emissions and low maintenance costs."
Nissan led the industry by being the first vehicle manufacturer to create an affordable electric car. Leaf Nissan design is similar to a compact family car, "he added.
Nissan has set the final rates for its electric cars in several European countries. In the UK the Leaf electric car will cost 27 471 euros, while in Holland the price will be EUR 32 839 in Ireland will cost EUR 29 995 EUR 29 955 in Portugal. In other countries prices are announced at the time of its release. Spain still has not been priced.
Nissan has already made the reservation of more than 10,000 electric cars in the United States and Japan. In the United States and more than 6,600 customers who have booked the Leaf, and they have had to pay a fee of 99 dollars, which will guarantee its inclusion in the list of orders in August when the buying process begins .
To access the first priority booking period, which runs until May 15, customers must register online before 20 April. The aim of Nissan in the U.S. is getting 20 000 LEAF Nissan reserves until December, when the electric vehicle will be marketed this in selected markets.
In Japan, the number of reservation requests amounts to 3754 Leaf units, exceeding half the target for fiscal 2010. Individual customers in Japan are 64%, while business fleets are 36%.
The aim of the Renault-Nissan Alliance is a world leader in electric cars and so far the Alliance has signed cooperation agreements with more than 50 governments, municipalities and companies around the world.
Nissan will introduce its LEAF electric vehicle in Japan, USA and Europe (in the latter market data even without reservations) in December 2010 and in markets around the world in 2012.

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