Reva NXG: Car SMS

Presentation of a newcomer in the small world of electric cars sold in France.

A 100% electric car will soon be circulating on French roads. A car came straight from India: the Reva NXG. This little coupe looks sporty enough to enjoy the same benefits and same drawbacks as its competitors. It will not reject CO2 and will not use a drop of oil. But she will have a range of technical performance and limited.

The maximum range of 200 km is announced. The maximum speed of 130 km / h. A quick calculation makes us realize that after half past one highway, you must stop on the side, the batteries empty. Practice. The manufacturer has so far only one address in France, at Poissy, near Paris. It will cost the same in any € 20,000 available for you. The production of the car should start in Europe in 2011.

Reva is not his first attempt (as evidenced by this article on a previous model, the Reva ): The manufacturer produces and sells electric cars for several years on the Indian market and is attempting a breakthrough on the markets
Europe. This vehicle has two seats and a safe, ideal for urban travel.

In addition to this, the model is great news: if you get stranded far from a battery terminal, an SMS sent to operators of the brand allows you to remotely unlock a reserve battery, allowing you to rally the recharging terminal nearest to you and will be indicated by the operators mentioned above.
Ingenious. But enough to go to the electric car? You can judge by one year.

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