China gets first electric Volkswagen

The deliverable Lavida in China could be the first electric car by Volkswagen can be. The Chinese government encourages the production of electric cars with attractive bonuses.

Volkswagen are already cautious plans for an electric car forged under the name Blue-e-motion.
The small model Up! in 2013 with E-drive and that also applies to the seventh generation Golf, also in 2013 on the role state. Then the electric variant of the Volkswagen Lavida, the Chinese market designed especially for the sedan model based on the Golf 4.

Local insiders report that E-Lavida ever before in the sale could proceed. The Chinese government has announced a few weeks ago, namely that manufacturers a subsidy of 60,000 RMB (approximately 5,500 euros) in the production of every built electric car in order to get the purchase price attractive. Ordinary Lavida costs about 8,000 euro, the E-Lavida with aid to about 11,000 euros.

E-Lavida who has the same drive concept as the E-Bay, with a lithium-ion battery pack and a continuous power of 69 kW and a maximum of pk/50 pk/85 115 kW.
The range of over 1,500 kg whereas E-Bay is like most EVs 150 km. Surprising feature of the Gulf Blue-e-motion is the way to recover braking energy can be arranged. Are paddles on the steering column because we know from sporty automatic transmissions? They are the Blue-e-motion (which has no gearbox) designed to make a phased "downshifting" to three different levels for remenergieregeneratie - weak, normal and strong. The E-Lavida has not flippers.

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