Will you load your vehicle without electrical plug?

Yes, says an American company based in Virginia. Evatran is its name, is indeed working on a prototype that can recharge the battery from the vehicle without using electrical cables and plugs.
No magic to this, the system uses Evatran why the principle of induction. To find his car in this way, it should park on a parking space suitable. The location as the vehicle is equipped with metal coils aligned with magnetic sensors. A central unit then converts the electricity to the proper frequency for loading and when the coils are aligned, the power creates a strong magnetic field which causes a flow towards the coil built into the vehicle, making it possible to recharge the battery .
For now, the project is the development stage but Evatran plans to market his invention in April 2011. The company says it is currently able to provide efficient loading efficiency of 80% and is employed to achieve a rate of 90%.

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