Mercedes-Benz Dealerships To Use Apple iPad For Better Customer Interaction

Mercedes-Benz has decided that 40 dealerships in US will use Apple iPad to communicate and interact with customers.
Mercedes announced that the dealerships will receive Apple iPads in order to for communicate and interact with  their customers. The German automaker will implement the MB Advantage application that will be available via the gadget’s interface.
For the beginning, 40 dealerships in USA will receive the Apple gadgets, and then, during summer, the company will gather and analyze the information from them. Introducing iPad in the dealerships network is a smart move from Mercedes, this being previously demonstrated by iPhone.
In las year’s October Mercedes was introducing such an application for iPhone, and until now there have been registered over 5,000 transactions via this interface. When asked about the advantages of this novelty, Bernie Moreno, Mercedes-Benz Ohio President said that the new Mercedes-Benz products and the Apple iPad MB Advantage app offers the company high credibility among their customers.