The Green Luis 4U: A New Chinese Power is Available

A new electric car arrives in a European market, it is called the Green Luis 4U. It is a compact length of 3.97 m, with a look all the way, slightly raised to allow it to accommodate a battery pack comfortably in the floor. The Luis 4U Green has an engine power of 27 kW (37 hp) with torque of 220 Nm appreciable It can reach 120 km / h, and its batteries are lithium-iron-phosphate ((LiFePO4). The package has been properly sized, since the stated capacity of 32 kWh, according to the manufacturer what travel more than 200 km between charges.

The equipment is rather luxurious, it includes a dressing for leather seats, ABS and an electronic control system of the trajectory, air conditioning, navigation system and Bluetooth phone. But behind the badges Luis, and this unique electric drive, we have a sense of deja vu watching this car. The Luis, car available in Germany, is actually built in China, and it is a Zotye. Zotye is a Chinese carmaker. He sold this car in China with a 4-cylinder petrol engine under the name of Nomad. Or almost, since the car has been very substantially modified to accommodate an electric motor.

Here are the cons listed Zotye Nomad sold in China with former Mitsubishi engine (1300 and 1500). But if we go further, and we need it, we discover that it is actually an old Daihatsu: Terios of 1997 (below). The Chinese are very good at recycling ... This does not change the electric motor, which is modern, but the chassis has 13 years, and it was not designed from the ground to accommodate an electric motor ... They retort that the Tesla Roadster is not better, with a Lotus chassis 1995, but it will not be compared with the Luis Leaf Nissan, a car full of new design.

And supporters of electric mobility that we ask: does it yield to the charm of an older generation car? The Daihatsu Terios 1997 model was already fantastic in 1997, it will not make a miracle in 2010. We could only give them a price gun, this is unfortunately not the case. The Luis power is available on the German market and costs 49,990 euros. The price obviously includes batteries and a charger for quick plug into a 380V outlet There have in France a bonus of 5,000 euros if it was decided to import the car in France. But ... The ecological reasons sorely tested when the little electric Chinese at the price of gasoline beautiful BMW. We expect better than that from Chinese manufacturers.

Electric Cars: Who is ready and at what price?

What a choice for individuals seeking to ride in electric car and versatile at what price? By the end of 2010 and 2011, manufacturers are finally few could offer a model ready to roll.
Derived from the Mitsubishi iMiEV, Peugeot and Citroen C ion-Zero will be the first to open the ball. Marketed in November, the twins have benefited from expertise of their Japanese counterpart. The advance bookings had started in November 2009 and so far, PSA has registered 2500 "contacts". Priced around € 30,000 (premium deducted), a form of rental is possible, however, 500 € per month.

Renault is not left with the marketing of two models in May 2011: Fluence and Kangoo Express ZE. Their price has not yet been revealed, the sale price will certainly be attractive but the battery rental, however, amounts to 100 € per month.

The third manufacturer to offer an electric vehicle is the Nissan Leaf. Available from October 2011, the compact power will be marketed to approximately € 30,000 and it has a warranty of 8 years or 160,000 miles.

For others, it will have to wait until 2012. A year may be exciting with the arrival of models such as the Smart car, the Renault Zoe or the Fiat 500. Hopefully the trend of prices will be lowered by then

Will you load your vehicle without electrical plug?

Yes, says an American company based in Virginia. Evatran is its name, is indeed working on a prototype that can recharge the battery from the vehicle without using electrical cables and plugs.
No magic to this, the system uses Evatran why the principle of induction. To find his car in this way, it should park on a parking space suitable. The location as the vehicle is equipped with metal coils aligned with magnetic sensors. A central unit then converts the electricity to the proper frequency for loading and when the coils are aligned, the power creates a strong magnetic field which causes a flow towards the coil built into the vehicle, making it possible to recharge the battery .
For now, the project is the development stage but Evatran plans to market his invention in April 2011. The company says it is currently able to provide efficient loading efficiency of 80% and is employed to achieve a rate of 90%.

New Maruti Alto K10 launched in India with prices at 3 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki haslaunched its much awaited Maruti Alto K10 – New variant of Maruti Alto with K10B Engine which powers the Maruti A-star and New Maruti Wagon R. The new car has a more powerful 67 BHP 1.0 Litre MPFI Petrol engine which has 90 Nm torque rating which is  1.5 times more powerful compared to the existing 800 CC model of Maruti Alto.
Maruti Suzuki India MD & CEO Shinzo Nakanishi, said: The Alto’s package of performance, fuel efficiency and attractive cost of ownership have together made it India’s most popular car. Now Alto-K10 will take this forward.”
Giving reasons why Maruti decided to launch more powerful Alto, Nakanishi said that there are a growing number of first time buyers who seek more power and performance at a reasonable price gets dearer by approximately Rs. 30,000.

Changes in New Maruti Alto K10:

- New Radiator Grille
- New Headlamps
- New Tail Lamps
- New Bumpers
- New Steering Wheel
- New Gear Knob
- New Instrument Cluster

Engine of New Maruti Alto K10

The 998cc, 3 cyl, MPFi, KB-series engine of New Alto K10 will be the same which is powering the Maruti A-Star, it generates maximum power of 67 Bhp with maximum torque of around 90 Nm. With this engine New Alto K10 will perform very well in terms of acceleration and top speed.