Electric cars: Sixt enters

Sixt plans to buy 1,000 electric cars from German electric cars to enter the leasing business, with power to enter. Later, electric vehicles are available in the hiring, reports the "Business Week

In the selection of vehicles decided Sixt not the product of a car manufacturer, but North Hesse for a car supplier. To build a nationwide leasing offer electric cars buys the Sixt Leasing, subsidiary of the Munich-based car rental company Sixt, according to information from the Economic Journal in the next two years, 975 electric cars of the type Stromos.

The vehicle was developed by automotive supplier Fräger and built by its German sister company E-Cars. By the end of the year could be delivered to the first Stromos Sixt. As an entry into the electric car business plans Sixt offer a lease primarily for businesses and municipalities. Later, electric vehicles are also part of the fleet car fleet.

Experience with the rental of electric cars collects Sixt currently using a converted Fiat 500 The Stromos Although based on the Suzuki Splash, but should your car just outside and in the same security features as the conventional model.

The drive train with brake energy regeneration and lithium-ion batteries developed by Fräger new. The maximum speed of five-door model is specified at 120 km / h with a battery charge, he should have a radius of at least 100 kilometers.

Fräger offers Stromos at the net price of 35.000, - Euro. The currently running in test Fiat 500 is more than 49.000, - € expensive. Dirk ASK, leader of the group can Fräger, opposite the magazine no doubt, still making money with his Stromos.

"As a medium we could not afford to set on it." With the vehicle he proves that "you can now build in Germany already a fully electric car for everyday use at a reasonable price"

Honda Jazz a hybrid, like the Civic, Insight and CR-Z

Honda chose the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris to present the new Jazz and confirm its commitment to gas-electric hybrid technology. With this new version, this is drive system available for the first time ever on a vehicle segment B. The electric motor and the management of all parallel hybrid IMA (Integrated Motor Assist: Support integrated power) are shared with the Honda Insight Hybrid and CR-Z, whose reliability has been proven.

With nearly two decades of development and ten years of marketing, Honda IMA hybrid system has proven to be extremely reliable and more than 500,000 Honda hybrids now run by taking advantage of its low emissions and fuel consumption.

The new Jazz Hybrid therefore has the same engine as the Insight, the 1.3 i-VTEC 88-horsepower, mated to an automatic gearbox with CVT associated with a 14 hp electric motor positioned sandwiched between two complete the parallel hybrid system. Like the Honda Insight or Civic Hybrid, the Jazz is able to run solely on electric power in driving conditions at moderate speed.

Although higher than the Insight, which gives it exceptional roominess, the Jazz Hybrid maintains its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to levels comparable, equally low. Visually, it differs from the current range Jazz reviewed by his lights ringed with blue, clear taillights, a new grille, redesigned bumpers and a chrome tailgate garnish. It is available in a wide range of exterior colors, plus a special new color Lime Metallic.

Inside, the cabin is seen also reviewed, with a dash of solid color darker, contrasting sharply with the blue light meters and the audio system. Its marketing will take place in early 2011.

Moreover, when the first International Meeting of green cars Pole mechanical Ales Cevennes, Honda has rolled for the first time in France, the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric zero emission. It rejected only in the atmosphere of water vapor. First fuel cell car produced in series, homologated for road use. Its 136 horsepower electric motor is powered by a fuel cell extremely compact, which allows a low platform, sleek and aerodynamic previously impossible on a motorized vehicle as well. It generates electricity from a reaction of hydrogen from its fuel tank and oxygen from the air. Thanks to its reservoir and its lithium-ion battery booster also recovers energy generated during braking, the autonomy of the Honda FCX Clarity is 460km, a consumer "diesel equivalent" of 2.8 l / 100km. Performance? Amazing for an electric car with a top speed of 160 km / h.