Nissan and Mitsubishi work together on small electric cars

Following reports that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will open a new, efficient global small car plant in Thailand, other reports that MMC and Nissan are talking about a 50-50 joint company in 2011 are a lot more interesting. Automotive News (sub. req.) is reporting that the two Japanese automakers could bring a small car to market together in 2012 and – and here's where it gets good – they might also work together on electric vehicles. Mitsubishi has been making the Mitsubishi iMiEV for years and Nissan just sold the first Leaf. The two automakers also participate in a joint car-sharing program in Kyoto, Japan.
A statement from Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said no details have been decided but an analyst at a consulting company in Tokyo told AN that, "The alliance of the two automakers seems to be a good one as we can expect more cooperation in electric vehicles going forward." Ghosn's statement said the partnership "is important for Nissan as it supports our expansion in emerging markets, meets immediate capacity needs overseas and enables us to grow our mini car business in Japan."
Mitsubishi and Nissan already work together on some vehicles, like the Mitsubishi Lancer Cargo (made by Nissan) and the Minicab, Town Box, eKWagon and Pajero Mini models (built by Mitsubishi for Nissan).

New Honda Civic Hit Indian Roads in 2011

The New Generation Civic takes its official avatar when Honda revealed the alluring sketch of this beautiful model. The official prototype of this spectacular new Honda Civic will go public in January 2011 and the occasion decided for the big unveil is 2011 Detroit show. And at a good note the ultra modern designed ninth generation Honda Civic will be ready for sale in the 2011 springs.
A deep analysis of this sketch will give some idea about the basic looks of New Generation Honda Civic but the depth of styling still remains hidden under the artistic work. The car was earlier speculated to be carrying a conservative looks but the official avatar portrays a muscular and far better designing of New Generation Honda Civic. If we keep all the existing designs of Honda Civic and keep this sketch on other end, the sketch will surely keep your eyes busy admiring the cuts and muscular yet compact designing.
The designing of New Generation Honda Civic can be traced from Honda CRZ, Honda Accord and Honda Jazz. The beautiful car might give its first appearance in Japan by 2011 and till then we can really hope that soon the most awaited New Generation Honda Civic makes its way to Indian markets. Honda Civic is already a big success in Indian markets and now the new generation model is further heating up the market and car enthusiast is already standing in line to welcome this uniquely designed Honda Civic.