Tata going to launch new Chevrolet Spark 800 in 2011 Source by Amicars

The Tata Nano gets costlier and costlier with new features set to be added in the V2 model. The Maruti Alto gets cheaper and cheaper on account of depreciation of the plant that churns out Altos and the fact that Maruti, being Maruti can strangle it’s vendors into delivering cheaper parts. Yes, the Maruti Alto is a full decade old now. The Chevrolet Spark had to replace the Daewoo Matiz but Daewoo went under and the General rushed in the pick up the left overs, one of which was the Spark or the next generation Matiz.

An Indian launch followed and women were absolutely floored by the cutesy looks the Spark came with. And it isn’t the looks alone. This 999cc, four pot, petrol engined car drives as well as it looks and is a frugal customer too. General Motors India kept chopping the initial price and sweetened the deal further by doling out 3 year cash free maintenance schemes. Sales soared but never really tasted the kind of success the plain jane Alto has enjoyed and still enjoys for the better part of a decade now. Solution: Go easy on the engine I say.

The General has chopped on cylinder off the Spark to end up with a three pot 800cc petrol mill that promises to be cheaper to run and maintain while still remaining peppy enough for first time car buyers. All these measures long with some bare bones interiors will give GM India enough saving to price the 2011 Chevrolet Spark 800 at a price neck to neck with the Alto at around INR 2.7 Lakhs. This, we expect will result in folks buying the Nano thinking twice and as for the Alto buyers, they will continue to buy the Alto as the Alto has something no car at it’s price has, the Maruti badge on the bonnet.

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