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Chevrolet  New LPG-fueled Beat coming to India 2011

Late last month, General Motors of India announced the launch of its 1.2-liter Smart-Tech engine. Less than a week after debuting that downsized mill, GM announced that is has been wedged in between the fenders of the Indian-market Chevrolet Beat. The subcompact Beat, officially the first vehicle to utilize the 1.2-liter Smart-Tech Engine, incorporates a multipoint sequential liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) injection system that allows the subcompact to run on either LPG or gasoline.

The Beat's on-board LPG tank holds 6.9 gallons of fuel and, when combined with the vehicle's gasoline capacity, allows the Beat to ramble down the road for up to 621 miles before refueling. The Beat is designed to automatically switch from LPG to gasoline if the fuel level drops too low. Furthermore, Chevrolet claims the LPG kit, which consists of a fuel tank, high-pressure pipes and a sequential injection system, does not reduce the Beat's interior space. The dual-fuel Beat puts out a tick less than 80 horsepower and a reasonable 77 pound-feet of torque. Hat tip to Shrawan!

 Chevrolet Beat LPG features

* Less weight
* No power loss
* No jerks and backfires which means smoother hassle-free transition from petrol to LPG and back.
* Better routing control and no kinking.
* No chance of inside/outside corrosion for life.
* The LPG kit is intelligently placed in the engine compartment, hence consuming lesser space and giving enough room for the passengers.
* The cabin space is not affected due to LPG kit and hence passengers can enjoy the same space as Beat petrol.
* High Pressure LPG pipes made of High Strength Nylon.
* At 13.29 kmpl in LPG mode (Certified by ARAI), it stands first in its class for mileage.
* Power – 80.4 PS@6400rpm
* Torque – 104Nm@4400rpm
* Beat automatically shifts from LPG to petrol if you run out of fuel.

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