Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 coming in UK in September at £275k

In UK 2011 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4: launch & sale in September at £275k 

Before the Geneva Motor Show press conference on Tuesday, Lamborghini let us in on a private Bologna-area photography studio so that we could get our own sex-machine shots of their raging new V12 firestarter, the 691-horsepower Aventador LP700-4.

First off, we're glad they didn't call it 'Jota' as some were peas-and-carroting about because it's just a silly and unpronounceable name. It probably belonged to some wimpy minor league bull, too. Only one true Jota was ever built in 1970, and it was a just an amped-up and flared Miura (we prefer not to think about the mid-90s Diablo anniversary upgrade kits).

We may have seen just about everything there is to see of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 with all the photo leaks there have been in the last week or two. But there’s nothing as good as the official stuff and the official confirmations.

There’s no doubting the Aventador’s lineage. It’s pure Lamborghini, with styling cues paying homage to the Diablo and Countach but with a big vote of thanks for the bulk of the look coming from the Reventon. Perhaps with a dose of Estoque round the back.

Under the very Lambo exterior lurks a carbon fibre tub which makes the Aventador very stiff and very light – twice as stiff as the Murcielago and just 147kgs. The whole car – despite some pretty extensive toys – weighs in at 1575kgs. Not exactly a featherweight but no bloater either.

The new 6.5 litre lump delivers a mighty 691bhp (a metric 700PS – hence the LP700-4) which revs to 8,250rpm with a lump of low-down torque. That translates to 2.9 seconds to 62mph and 220mph through the seven-speed automated manual ‘box sending the power to all four wheels.


Not surprisingly, the LP700-4 is neither low on emissions – 398g/km – nor is its fuel consumption anything to write home about at just 16.4mpg. And if you ever get better than single figures you can be sure you’re not driving it as you should.

The interior on the Aventador gets high tech and goes upmarket (which it needed) There are higher quality materials throughout with a stunning centre console with touchscreens and digital displays
And when can you get your hands on some LP700-4 goodness in the UK? Lamborghini are saying probably by September and it’ll cost you £245,000

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