Volkswagen Scirocco to launch in Australia 2011

Volkswagen's sporty two-door Scirocco is coming to Australia.
Volkswagen Australia will widen its appeal even further in 2011, with managing director Anke Koeckler confirming the Scirocco sports coupe is "a matter of when, not if".

Speaking to Drive at the launch of Volkswagen's new pocket-rocket Polo GTI, Koeckler declined to say when Australians should expect to see the coupe, but didn't rule out a surprise arrival in 2011.

"I knew you would ask this question," said Koeckler. "It's an amazing car, and I love this car as well - that's why I'm working on that.

"It's probably more a matter of when [it will arrive]," Koeckler told Drive.
Quizzed further on the timing of its arrival, Koeckler grinned at the suggestion of a 2011 release.

"Could be," she said. "We're going to work on that. I know its a great car, and I know you guys are looking forward to it."

The turbocharged Scirocco is based on the same underpinnings as Volkswagen's Golf, and, as Drive has previously reported, VW has been tentative to bring the coupe in alongside the GTI for fear of sales cannibalisation.

When it does make it to Australia, the Scirocco isn't certain to be available in multiple specifications - the most likely candidate for Down Under being the top-of-the-pops Scirocco R.

That model outguns VW's quickest Golf with a 195kW power output, and manages a hefty 350Nm of torque (the Golf R uses the same engine, though in a slightly detuned form at 188kW and 330Nm).

Koeckler confirmed that Volkswagen's soon-to-be-released micro city car, the Up, won't be appearing locally in 2011.

Koeckler said the Up (if that's what it is to be
called) would be a struggle to justify for local sale, with high costs of manufacture limiting the possibility of a sub $15K city car from the brand.

The replacement for the New Beetle (which is likely to simply wear the "Beetle" moniker) may also struggle to make an appearance before 2012.

Koeckler did, however, confirm the release of several key new models for Volkswagen in Australia in 2010 - including the all-new Passat (1st quarter), Jetta (3rd quarter) and Touareg (mid-year).

2011 model the new Volkswagen Scirocco


Italy’s national colors are also represented in the interior. White and black create the basic theme, similar to the exterior car color. The seams of the Recaro racing shell seats, steering wheel, front armrest, gearshift lever trim and floor mat edging are designed in the colors of the tricolor. Inside, nappa leather in “Deep black” and “Berry white” is applied to the uncompromisingly designed racing shell seat. The shell seats are upholstered with a deep black leather in carbon look. An eye-catching feature here is the conspicuous yet refined contrast of low and high-gloss elements of the carbon structure. Interior accents also consist of genuine carbon composites. The footwell features aluminum pedals specially designed for this vehicle.

Volkswagen’s latest design study, the Scirocco Studie R, premieres at Bologna and is inspired by the Scirocco GT24 which raced to success in its class at the Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race earlier this year. Finished in white, the Studie R has contrasting high-gloss black detailing and styling accents in red and green to the wing mirrors and on the ‘Bologna ‘08’ badging, paying homage to the Show’s host nation.

Three large air intakes at the front aid cooling to the uprated 2.0-litre 270 PS engine, while a front splitter is designed to minimise lift. The rear is dominated by a large rear wing and a distinctive revised rear bumper which incorporates a diffuser and twin oval exhausts. The Studie R is fitted with racing-derived sports suspension and four-piston brake callipers sit behind specially developed bespoke polished five arm, triple spoke 19-inch alloy wheels.

Inside the cabin, the Scirocco Studie R is upholstered with black and white nappa leather and complemented with low- and high-gloss carbonfibre trim. The Italian-inspired red and green design accents continue on the seams of the Recaro seats, steering wheel, armrest, gearknob and floor mats.

From car racing to the street: In May 2008, two Scirocco GT24 race cars finished first and second in their class at the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring track. Now Volkswagen is presenting a street version of the race car at the Bologna Motor Show: the Scirocco Studie R has a 198 kW / 270 PS engine for everyday practicality, yet it still delivers aggressive propulsive power. This power is distributed by a 6-speed dual clutch transmission. Adapted directly from car racing are the coilovers, four-piston brake calipers and a sound-optimized exhaust system.

Visually, the concept car emulates the racing version to a great extent. An homage to Italy: the tri-colors of the motor show host country are represented by green, white and red elements of both the exterior and interior.


Anonymous said...

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alvoleur said...

i am driving a Scirocco 2011 ,,, the problem is in Dubai we cant the R version and it is out of Stock ,,,, the car is not faster than GTI,,,,,

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