Aston Martin Launched 2012 DBS with Deep Skin

As a highly popular car manufacturer Aston Martin is now thinking to bring a mid cycle refresh of DBS for their customers. Aston Martin has already a huge collection of appealing and efficient car models on their store. So manufacturer is not thinking to bring an incredible change in this mid cycle release. On the way of this Aston Martin is planning to reveal 2012 DBS with a little bit improvement from the previous version.

Image views show that body shape and lining up remain unchanged in this newly developed version. Rear hatch, fenders shape and rocker panels also remain same in the 2012 DBS. From external view only change can be marked on the camouflage. Mostly changed portion seems to be the front fascia. There is a smart addition of bi-level splitter with an aggressive appearance. It is really captivating to see its hood which has got a slight bulge. Don’t know what exists under this bulge, we think it would be a great surprise for this new revised version. On the top portion of the hood there is no extractor vents in this new car version. But in front of the windshield mesh vents are still present.

This revised version of DBS has got an appealing exterior shape and lining up. This is enough to reduce air drag produced while runs on road. You will obviously get better fuel economy. Aston Martin is always concerned about engine performance and efficiency. Headlights are almost hidden due to its exterior artwork with white and black ascents. High quality headlights are capable of covering larger distance with high light intensity.
It looks really funny, and we hope you would like its designing although its top portion is kept fresh. Mirrors are also in right position and give clear views of back side vehicles from both left and right sides of driving position. It looks like the rear diffuser has been toned out. But there is a suspicion that due to camouflage lighter color effect there should have some trickery on visualization. Overall combination has given it a funny sporty appearance.

Wish to get some more changes in the interior decoration. Maybe Aston Martin is going to bring some improvement in this new version. We all are expecting to see 2012 DBS with soft and comfortable seats, leathered steering wheel with driving flexibility, smooth axle and suspension system, upgraded navigation system and a gorgeous color mix up. No need to be concerned about safety features as most of the car models from Aston Martin are provided with top quality safety elements.

According to sources 2012 DBS is featured with Six-speed automatic transmission system. It is assumed that V-12 engine from Aston Martin will remain same. But wish you wouldn’t be surprised if some modifications trickle down in this car model.
Information about its performance and pricing are still now unknown. But we can expect a reliable, comfortable and luxurious journey with this new car version. Aston Martin will go for production of 2012 DBS very soon. So we are waiting to have a great surprise from Aston Martin.

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