Hyundai i40 Launched at Geneva motor show 2011

Hyundai i40 coming in UK 2011. Hyundai is releasing the new i40 range at Geneva 2011. And soon it will be sale in UK 

Isn't that the Sonata the rest of the world got in 2010?

Europe didn't get the Sonata, also known as the i45 in some markets. Confused yet? You will be.
Hyundai claims the i40 has been developed specifically for Europe at Hyundai's European R&D centre in Russelsheim, Germany. The i40 will fill the existing Sonata-shaped gap in Hyundai's European product portfolio.

Hyundai's new 2011 i40: the lowdown

The i40 arrives at next week's 2011 Geneva motor show, and will go on sale in the UK in July 2011. There will be an i40 saloon, and that is planned for a UK launch in October. 
The headline engine option for the i40 will be a new 1.7-litre turbodiesel engine, offering 113g/km CO2 figures. Expect a higher-tune turbodiesel, and two direct-injection petrol engines to make up the remainder of the i40 line-up. Hyundai's BlueDrive eco-spec will also appear in the line-up.

And inside the new Hyundai i40?

Inside, Hyundai promises a more premium feel for the interior materials, and there are new-to-Hyundai convenience features like a heated steering wheel, heated front seats and heated, reclining rear seats and auto screen demisting. Avensis beware!

The emphasis is on luxury, including terms such as heated and adjustable front and rear seats, heated steering wheel and an active de-mist system that automatically detects and removes the fog on the windshield. Hyundai describes all these features as “new technologies for Hyundai.”

The Hyundai i40 was designed and developed in Rüsselsheim automaker outside research and development headquarters in Frankfurt. Hyundai has not released technical details for Hyundai i40, but noted that the choice is a 1.7-liter diesel engine to drive.

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