New Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro in Canada 2011

2011 Audi Q5 Hybrid quattro Much like V6 fuel economy than four-cylinder TDI – three generations duo Audi, Audi Q5 hybrid quattro is the first hybrid model from Audi with a dual-boot drive. Its gasoline engine, 2.0 TFSI and electric motor has an output of 180 kW system (245 hp) and 480 Nm (354.03 pounds-feet) for sports performance – the average consumption in the current cycle (NEDC) is limited to less than 7, 0 l to 100 km (33.60 U.S. mpg). During the process of development, Audi has focused on a high proportion of electric power drive. Najšportovejší hybrid SUV on the market covers about three kilometers (1.86 million), local emissions-free at a speed of 60 km / h (37.28 mph), and can go up to 100 km / h (62.14 mph) for electric propulsion. Equally powerful, lightweight lithium-ion batteries and many other solutions, Audi Q5 hybrid quattro is the latest.


2.0 TFSI and electric motor hybrid Audi Q5 is fitted directly for themselves as a parallel hybrid system – straight-line concept with impressive efficiency. Together they have a system output of 180 kW (245 hp) and torque of 480 Nm system (354.03libra-stop). The new top model of the successful series Q5 sprints from 0 to 100 km / h (62.14 miles) in 7.1 seconds, while the interim sprint from 80 to 120 km / h (49.71 to 74.56 mph) is made on the fifth gear for 5, 9 seconds. Powerful drive ends at not less than 222 km / h (137.94 mph).
Consumption quattro Audi Q5 hybrid are below 7.0 liters per 100 km (33.60 U.S. mpg) in the normal cycle – equivalent to CO2 emissions below 160 g / km (257.50 g / km). From 75 liters (19.81 U.S. gallons) tank provides reliable range comparable with TDI.


2.0 TFSI in the Audi Q5 TDI hybrid has a displacement of 1984 cc (121.08 cu in). Its output is 155 kW (211 hp), maximum torque of 350 Nm (258.15libra-stop) permanently available for 1500 to 4200 rpm. / Min. This 4-cylinder engine combines direct injection, turbocharged with turbocharging – typical for Audi philosophy of redundancy, which replaces the displacement charge. Audi valve lifting system (AVS), a further increase in power, torque and efficiency of the exhaust valve lift switching between the two stages, depending on load and speed.
2.0 TFSI has been redesigned in some respects for use in hybrid Audi Q5. Auxiliary power units has been dropped, and the crankshaft bearings and turbocharger tuning were tailored to specific requirements. Secondary air to the cylinder head ensures that the reduction of exhaust gas treatment in particularly quickly. Integrated in the engine control unit, the so-called hybrid manager effectively manages change and smooth transitions between operating modes, and Audi has been fully developed itself.
For the most part prepared an eight-speed tiptronic transmission power is used without the aid of a torque converter. Its place is occupied by the disc-shaped electric motor, in combination with multi-disc clutch working in an oil bath – the steam and separates TFSI and electric motor. Innovative decoupler operates with high precision, quickly and smoothly in any situation.
Very comfortable and fast-shifting hybrid transmission contributes significantly to the effectiveness of the Audi Q5 hybrid – his eight plants are widely distributed. When the 2.0 TFSI engine off, an electric pump maintains oil pressure in the hydraulic system to ensure a comfortable start-stop function.

Power Electronics and electric

Power electronics, connected to the battery and electric motor with a high voltage cables are located in the chamber of the engine compartment. In the form of so-called pulse-changer, power electronics controller serves as the battery that outputs direct current, and electric motor that operates on alternating current.
Innovative technologies to maintain the volume and weight of low power electronics, with cooling provided by an independent low-temperature water-filled circle. Component contains a DC / DC converter, which combines electrical appliances in 12 V electrical system with high-voltage network.
The so-called permanently excited synchronous machine used as an electric motor as a starter – in slowing down – as a generator. It outputs up to 33 kW (45 hp) power and 211 Nm (155.63 pound-feet). The electric motor is integrated into the engine coolant.


Lithium-ion battery system, weighing only 38 kg (83.78 pounds), serve as a repository of energy for electric hybrid quattro Audi Q5. This compact unit with 26 liters (6.87 U.S. gallon) capacity is located in the crash-protection zone under the load floor, almost without any detriment to the trunk. The battery consists of 72 cells at 266 volts nominal power is 1.3 kWh, and its output 39 kW.
Lithium-ion battery is cooled by air in two ways, depending on the requirement. At low temperature, load, draws air from the temperate interior through the fan. If the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, is activated by a separate cooling circuit. It is connected with the main climate control system of the vehicle and uses a separate evaporator.
This heavy-duty active cooling system differentiates quattro Audi Q5 hybrid from many other hybrid vehicles, and is a key contribution to the availability of high-power hybrid system.
Operating modes
With its parallel hybrid system quattro Audi Q5 hybrid can travel at five different operating modes. Driving with an internal combustion engine itself, with electric drive alone or in hybrid mode is possible, as well as recovery and strengthening.
The room, for example, before or at traffic lights, drive both sources are deactivated. In this practical start-stop mode conditioning remains active. Once the driver releases the brake, the hybrid quattro Audi Q5 starts rolling. It can be powered up to 100 km / h (62.14 mph) for electricity – with almost no noise and local emissions. At a constant 60 km / h possible range is three kilometers (1.86 miles) – the high proportion of electric power is sufficient for most residential areas and many urban centers.
The driver can switch between the three programs using the button on the center console, or the selector lever. EV characteristic maps prefer electric cars in the city, D regime controls both motors for optimal consumption and Mode S, as well as touch control gates tiptronic are designed for sporty driving style.
When the driver accelerates rapidly, the internal combustion engine that serves as an energy source for propulsion. The electric motor is then controlled by the operating strategy in order to achieve optimum efficiency and consumption. The rapid acceleration, or “empowerment”, electric motor works in conjunction with TDI, at full throttle mode with full output of the system is briefly available. Hybrid propulsion forces then adds a large naturally aspirated engine, but with much greater efficiency.
When the driver releases the gas, electric motor acts as a generator and restores energy. In most situations TFSI is then separated from the propulsion system so as not to cause any loss of tow. Electricity back to electric here and braking is stored in a lithium-ion batteries. If the driver brakes only slightly, motor retardation carries himself in a stronger braking hydraulic brake system is also activated.
Audi Q5 comes with a new hybrid display conceived thus different combinations of states of hybrid clear and specific. Place the rev counter, power meter needle insertion in the dashboard indicates that the overall system performance on a scale from 0 to 100 percent. The second scale is divided into colored segments – their green and orange-colored sections of the show at a glance, as hybrid Q5 quattro is currently traveling – with a greater share of electricity or combustion engine. Another tool shows the battery charge.
At the same time, the display of information for the driver and a large monitor to show the MMI navigation plus operating conditions and power flows in the hybrid system in an elegant graphics with the three-dimensional effect. The screen displays the MMI also differentiated consumption and recovery statistics easily understood bar graphs.
MMI Navigation plus is the standard quattro Audi Q5 hybrid, and comes in the final stages of development. The storage capacity of hard disk is 60 gigabytes, can be selected using the menu state-of-the-art guide and albumovej tracks are displayed as cover plates. External devices such as mobile phone or player can be connected via Bluetooth and voice input understands the city and street names in one command. Resonance Audi sound system is also standard.

Quattro Drive and Running

Permanent four-wheel drive true strength of both drive units on the road safely in every situation. In the normal state is sporty driving stress on the back, if necessary, transmits the most power to the axle with better traction. A sophisticated chassis contains a lot of aluminum components to reduce weight. Audi Q5 hybrid TDI can tow a trailer load up to 2000 kg (4409 lbs).
Electro-mechanical device acts as a control system, with a small electric energy generation. The system operates at high efficiency because it does not consume any energy in a straight-ahead driving. In addition, the brake booster vacuum pump supplying electricity. Complex rule-based strategy adapted to the conditions of stopping power management and energy recovery.


Quattro Audi Q5 hybrid is characterized by visual elements on the outside. Rear doors, fenders and aluminum sill moldings panel bears a hybrid font. Radiator grill is shiny black and chrome exhaust tips-trimmed. Polar silver metallic is available for exclusive paint.
The 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels were specially designed for hybrid – the ten beams resemble the turbine blades. The tires are two hundred thirty-five fifty fifths the size. On request, Audi supplied further wheels 19 and 20 inches diagonal, with S-line bumper available from quattro GmbH.
The body is unusually light, rear door and engine hood are made of aluminum. The rigid body includes a hot-pressed steel in many places, combines light weight with very high strength.
Through the generous level of standard equipment, the Audi Q5 hybrid quattro with an unladen weight less than 2000 kg (4409 lbs) is the lightest hybrid SUV on the world market. All the hybrid components add less than 130 kg (286.60 pounds) extra weight.


Climate control system, the hybrid Audi Q5 has been adapted to the requirements of electric driving. Air conditioning compressor has a high voltage electric power, demand-driven for high efficiency AC compressor makes operation even if the internal combustion engine is turned off. Electric heater supports auxiliary heating interior.
Audi Q5 hybrid quattro offers almost the same amenities as its sister, the successful models – model series leads European market in mid-sized SUV segment. Options and sophisticated driver assistance systems. Novelty is an Internet connection using an optional Bluetooth phone car online. UMTS model set connections for specific services from Google and the World Wide Web, to deliver news and weather information to vehicles.
The driver may plan their route home, save the information in website and download the data from there into the navigation system, UMTS at the beginning of the journey. Thanks to a fast connection hybrid SUV also download three-dimensional satellite images and aerial imagery from Google Earth. They appear as a bird’s eye view of the monitor, computer points on the road.
Other high-end features, the WLAN hotspot, allowing Internet access via up to eight terminals. Communications via a roof antenna, the connection is very stable and excellent quality of reception. Thanks to a special process of modulation, UMTS data transmission occurs at speeds up to 7.2 megabytes per second. WPA 2 follows the standard – a very safe method.
Use of WLAN hotspots is as easy as can be – just the driver to input-capable SIM card. At the same time, the driver can pair your mobile phone with the system via Bluetooth if your phone has a SIM Access Profile. Existing mobile phone contract with the possibility of data is sufficient in most cases, with the result that no additional fees or separate contracts are required.


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